Apartmány Bado


Ivachnová 93
034 83 Liptovská Teplá
Tel.: GSM: +421/908/594928
Web: http://www.liptov.sk/bado

Všeobecné informácie

K dispozícii sú dva apartmány.

Menší pre max. 4 osoby (2+2), hala s televízorom, kúpeľňa a kuchynský kútik. Apartmán sa nachádza v podkroví domu.

Veľký apartmán pre min.2, max. 6 osôb. K dispozícii 2 izby s TV, veľká, plne vybavená kuchyňa a kúpeľňa. V celom objekte je wifi pripojenie.

English: At the guests disposal there are two apartments: in the attic is the smaller one for max. 4 persons (2+2), a hall with a TV, a small kitchenette.

            A larger apartment is on the groundfloor of the house, min. 2 persons, max. 6 persons, 2 rooms each with TV, a bathroom with a shower and a fully equipped

           kitchen. Wifi connection is available in the whole accommodatation for free.



V apartmáne v podkroví sa nachádza kuchynský kútik s elektrickou dvojplatničkou, mikrovlnná rúra, veľká chladnička a rýchlovarná kanvica.

V apartmáne na prízemí je veľká plne vybavená kuchyňa, kde si hostia môžu pripraviť jedlo podľa svojej chuti . V kuchyni sa nachádza plynový sporák s elektrickou rúrou,  rýchlovarná kanvica, toastovač a mikrovlnka.

Obchod na potraviny sa nachádza 200 metrov od ubytovania. Neďaleko ubytovania, cca 500 metrov, sa nachádza reštaurácia Kozí vŕšok, kde môžete zájsť na chutný obed či večeru. Ponúkame Vám tiež možnosť objednávky pizzy priamo na apartmán donáškovou službou z reštaurácie Kúria, vzdialenej asi 300 m.


Our self-catering accommodation is located in the heart of region Liptov – one of the most popular touristic regions of Slovakia. Unfortunately, Slovakia is still almost an unknown country among tourists from many countries. However, despite its small area, the country is a real gem as for a number of natural beauties. There is something for everyone.

Discover Slovak nature. 9 national parks, majestic peaks, deep valleys and mysterious gorges.  It is literally a paradise for tourists. No trip to Slovakia would be complete without a visit to the wonderful mountains of the High Tatras (about 50 km from us)  with peaks over 2500 m and glacier lakes.  Other spectacular places are undoubtedly Slovak Paradise, the Low Tatras (25 km) with alpine meadows as well as beautiful valleys in Big Fatra or Pieniny. If you like hiking, you can stroll in beatiful valleys such as Kvacianska valley, Prosiecka valley, Čutkovska valley or Janosikove Diery.

Slovakia is full of beautiful caves and underground places as well. More than six thousand caves have been discovered in Slovakia so far! Most spectacular ones can be found in the national parks of the Low Tatras or Slovak Paradise.  The closest caves to our place are Demanovská Cave of Freedom (Demanovska jaskyna Slobody) and Demanovská Ice Cave. (25 km).

For lovers of historic sights there are over 170 castles and 425 chateaux. The closest ones to our accommodation and the most popular Orava castle (25km) and Bojnicky castle draw thousands of visitors every year. The real highlight among Slovak castles is undoubtedly medieval Spiš Castle, which belongs to the largest castles in the Central Europe and was included in the UNESCO.

Slovakia boats a number of picturesque old villages, some of them enlisted in the Unesco, such as Vlkolinec (15 km). Another example of preserved, traditional wooden houses can be seen in Pribilina, Zuberec or Čičmany.

Slovakia has incredible sources of mineral water and healing thermal springs. Slovakia’s spa resorts and aquaparks are becoming more and more popular among tourists of all ages. The closest ones to our accommodation: aquaparks Bešenová (3 km), Tatralandia (15 km) and a spa Lučky (5km).

Last but not the least option for spending great time is a visit of old medieval towns such as Levoča which is a home of the highest wooden altar in the world. This remarkable work was created by Master Paul, other medieval town are Banská Štiavnica and Kremnica.

This is an extremely easy country to travel around. If you're here for more than a few days, get on a train or into your car (or on your bike) and take a look around.


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