Water beauties of Liptov

Baywatch a Poľovníkov waterfall

These unusual refreshments can be found under the Bobrovec valley. Take advantage of the last warm days of this summer and pay to them. Bejvoč is in fact an unused tank for irrigation of surrounding fields. The depth of the tank is 2 meters in diameter and its dimensions are approximately 70 x 150 meters. The remains of the former engine room can be seen in the building on the edge of the tank, which now serves as a pretzel. 

Liptovská Mara

The river Váh caused many floods in the past, so the so-called " Massive cascade - a system of dams and hydroelectric power plants that have for many years been successfully protecting Liptov from floods. The first reservoir of the Massive cascade - The largest water reservoir in Slovakia - Liptovská Mara was built between 1965 and 1975. The area of ​​the waterworks is 22 km2 and the maximum depth reaches 43 m. Due to its size, it deserves the pride - Slovak or Liptovské more. Liptovská Mara is named after the defunct village Liptovská Mara, which was flooded with the construction of the reservoir along with other municipalities (Parížovce, Černice, Sokolče, Stará / Liptovská Sielnica, Paludza, Vrbie, Nižná and Vyšné Dechtáre, Ráztoky, Demčín). The Gothic church, which is located in the Havránok area, has been preserved from the village. His most valuable architectural and art parts were transferred to the Liptov village museum in Pribylin. On the island of Ratkovie, which is a well-known dendrological and ornithological site, there is an arboretum (a collection of live woods or a botanical garden with a specialization for research and woodcutting) with an educational walkway.

During the summer months Liptovská Mara is a favorite place for spending free time and holidays. Tourists from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and other Western Europe can take advantage of the wide range of fishing opportunities, they can also take a boat trip or experience adrenaline on water scooters. The offer of accommodation in this region of Liptov is really wide. Pensions, hotels, cottages and apartments are almost every step of the way, and they are just the choice of tourists, whether they are as close as possible to Liptovska Mare or choose accommodation closer to the nature of Low Tatras.

For more information visit www.liptovska-mara.sk.

Natural Crater "Kaďa" 

The natural crater "Kaďa" is a place where you can all year round take a dip in mineral and thermal springs. Along the cadet, there is a pond lined with three originally separate strands spilling from the ground. The depth of the pond is 0.5 - 1.5 m and the water temperature is 16 - 23 ° C. Swimming here is free, and even near this natural crater you will find the mineral spring of Teplica, from which you can refresh yourself at any time.

Thermal spring under Liptov Castle

Right behind the highest castle in Slovakia is a natural thermal spring, available for free. How to combine a visit to Liptov Castle with a bath in this unique thermal springs can be found in our article  From the highest situated Slovak castle directly to the thermal lake.


The Mara ship is an open catamaran engine powered by a steering wheel with dimensions of 8m x 2.5m and a capacity of up to 12 people. The boat is equipped with a flattened crate, upholstered seats, FM radio, a ladder for water entry, a table with beverage holders. The Mara boat offers a wide range of uses from May to Octopus. In our offer you can find regular cruises along Liptovská Mare, sailing with captain to order as well as transport of passengers to touristically interesting localities (church on Liptovská Mare, motorhome Dechtáre) on the water surface. We also offer adventure voyages with a purchase, a picnic on the water, and the like. In the off-season, the possibility of using for corporate events, birthday parties, fishing, etc.

  • regular sightseeing cruises along the Liptov Sea
  • on-board cruises
  • facultative trips
  • romantic cruises
  • fishing

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Bešeňová Water Reservoir

The Bešeňová water reservoir is a water reservoir on the river Váh, under the dam of Liptovská Mara, near Bešeňová. It is part of the Weighing Cascade and serves as a buffer reservoir during the peak operation of the Liptovská Mara Power Plant.

The reservoir also includes a hydroelectric power station, which was put into operation in 1976. The power plant has 2 horizontal chapel turbines with a installed capacity of 4.64 MW and a flow rate of 20 m³ / s installed. Annual electricity production reaches an average of 18.3 GWh.


Lúčanský waterfall

Lúčanský waterfall is 13 meters high Cascade Waterfall Lúčanky, falling into the pond from the edge of the travertine terrace. Thanks to the hot springs from the baths, the waterfall never shrinks, so it can be seen during different seasons always in a different dress. In the pond of this waterfall, you can also relax, but do not forget that bathing is only on your own responsibility. The surroundings of the waterfall complete the park, where you can sit and engage in glowing drops of water.

Medokýš Kalameny

The mineral spring of Kalameno is one of about 90 well-known sources in the Liptovska Valley, which is particularly rich in mineral waters. The spring has a depth of 500 m and its temperature is approximately 33 ° C. Water contains a large number of minerals with a major presence of calcium, magnesium and sulfur. Visitors can stop here for a while and enjoy the little pond in this small but pleasant pond.