ZOO Spiššká Nová Ves

The zoological garden in Spišská Nová Ves was made available in 1989. This makes it the smallest zoo in Slovakia. The area is the smallest of our four zoos, occupying an area of ​​8 hectares. It is located in the beautiful surroundings of the city park. The site forms a mixed forest and lake. In the zoo there are 88 mammals in 31 species, 127 birds in 26 species, specializing in breeding exotic animals.

They engage in European rescue programs, from the endangered species from the Red Book they breed 2 species and 3 species of endangered fauna of Slovakia. The specialty of this zoo is a rehabilitation center for handicapped animals. The zoo has greatly deserved to preserve the geophone by reintroducing forest mice. The pride of the zoo is 6 brown bears, tiger bellied Siberian, lamy huanako, emu brown. The predator of the visitors will be interested in the spotted leopard, with their pieces amused by the chimpanzee.

There are 2 playgrounds in the ZOO. During the summer season, the smallest visitors can jump on an inflatable giraffe or castle, or enjoy horse riding and other attractions. There are snacks and souvenir shops in the ZOO. Every year there are many events. Part of the ZOO is the all-year-round AQUATERRA pavilion with aquarium and terrarium animals and ZOO-shop.