Ski Resort Žiar - Dolinky

The ski area Žiar - Dolinky is located at the end of Žiar village. There are 2 ski lifts with two slopes in the area, one of which is mechanically snowy. The slopes are daily adjusted by a Kässbohrer PB 240.D. As the resort is equipped with a turnstile system, skiers can choose from a rich offer.

Directly in the ski area are 2 chalets, providing accommodation for 20 persons, one of which is owned by TJ and the other is owned by the municipality. A buffet is served throughout the season, featuring hot and cold meals and beverages. The area is equipped with modern public hygiene facilities.

The slope of the area has built-in evening lighting, so the area is widely used for evening skiing. There is also a ski school, the instructors of which are members of our TJ. There is an access road leading to the car park for passenger cars and buses. In addition to the parking lot, there is a ski service and ski equipment rental (contact: 0918 226012). From the bus stop SAD at the end of the village Žiar, the ski area is only 200 m away.

The season lasts from Christmas until the end of March. The resort is completely operated by TJ Družba with its own employees.



TJ Družba Smrečany-Žiar
Žiar 110032 05 Smrečany

+421 44 55 86 343