SKI PARK Ružomberok - Malinô Brdo

The ski resort Ružomberok - Malinô Brdo is a 5-star resort in the north of Slovakia and is among the most important top resorts. It is the only top center of the suburban type in Slovakia, as the starting point - Hrabovská Valley - is located only 1 km from the center of Ruzomberok.

Its history dates back to the middle of the 20th century. Many winter sports enthusiasts from the city and its surroundings used the northern Malina Brda ski slopes. The first lifts were built and the area immediately became famous in the wider area ... 
The first major milestone was the construction of a cableway cableway from Hrabovská dolina to Malino Brdo in 1964. It was a huge impetus for the development of the whole resort!

In modern history (2000-2001), such a workshop was to replace the old cable car from Transporta Chrudim to the new modern 8-seat KLD by Dopellmayr. In the same year, the investment was also extended to the construction of a new 4-seater chair at the top of Malina Brda, which significantly increased the transport capacity of the center. Together with the construction of snow, the ski resort on the slopes of Veľká Fatra above the town of Ruzomberok ranked among the TOP ski resorts in Slovakia.

Nowadays, incoming visitors have the opportunity to stay in the new apartments near the cabin lift valley station or in the cozy mountain chalet directly at Maline Brde and enjoy the skiing in Ružomberok - Malinô Brdo. For more information visit www.skipark.sk.

Price list

All day long 25.50 € 19 €
4 hours 20.50 € 15 €
2 hours 15.50 € 11.50 €


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