Point Shopping Center

The project of the POINT Banská Bystrica shopping center will be set up in the locality of the general public, now known as Hušták. You are going to happen in the near future by penetrating the newly built pedestrian zone, future boulevards and important traffic hub.

SC POINT will dominate the central part of Banská Bystrica. It will be located in the most exposed location of the regional city, easily and comfortably accessible.

The effort of the investor and design team is to incorporate SC POINT into this central location so that it is perceived as an integral part of this unique territory. We believe that we are creating a city-creating, modern, original and lively place that will attract not only the original architecture but, above all, a balanced structure of tenants, provided services and leisure activities.

SC POINT is a unique CONCEPT also because it offers, in relation to its size and location, the combination of realizing the purchase of everything the customer usually looks for and excellent availability.

More info at www.scpoint.sk.