Chelet Bešeňovka


In December 2016 a new Slovak restaurant was opened at Besenova Koliba Bešeňovka, which also offers accommodation. After two months of operation, we visited it to evaluate the level of cuisine and services provided.

Koliba is located by the river Váh near the thermal swimming pool GINO PARADISE Bešeňová, near the motorway. The Koliba is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. The advantage of this restaurant is spaciousness. It consists of three floors, one of which is reserved for guests. We also appreciate the tastefully designed wooden interior. All this is complemented by folk music and crackling wood in the fireplace.

The staff behaved very graciously and carefully, we hope that this approach will last for as long as possible. Waiters were fine-tuned to the overall image of the restaurant by popular shirts. Koliba Bešeňovka is focused mainly on Slovak cuisine. The menu is varied. We also found alternatives for vegetarians, such as grilled ostrich with cranberries sauce, which sounds like a very interesting combination. Parents will be happy to order baby food for their kids.

From the offer we tried the Liptovská misa for two people - bryndza halušky, strapačky, bryndzové pirohy. Of meat meals pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce, roast pork ribs and roasted smoked pork knee. The food was flawless and delivered within a few minutes of the order. The restaurant was only occupied by a third, but we believe that the staff will be able to reach the guests even in full occupancy.

In our opinion, the quality and quantity of the food was reasonable. The only thing we can say is food that is prepared with bryndza. A foreign "gastroturist" would not have noticed this detail, but it is important for our scientist that when the meal is called "bryndza", this taste may be a bit more pronounced. It can be a matter of taste. As for meat dishes, they were really great and tasty. Also cabbage, as a supplement, was very well processed and flavored. The food was nicely served on stylish wooden "troughs", and we would also give it a plus.

The overall impression of this restaurant is very good, so we recommend this restaurant. As they say, it is better to see once how to hear 100 times. In this case try one more time. If you are looking for a restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere and you like Liptov specialties, we invite you to invite you to Koliby Bešeňovka.

If you have already been here, share our impression of us.