Restaurants and sheep chalets

Chelet Bešeňovka

In December 2016, a new Slovak restaurant was opened at Besenova Koliba Bešeňovka, which also offers accommodation. After two months of operation, we visited it to evaluate the level of cuisine and services provided.

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Chelet Pastierka 

Salaš Pastierska under Bobrovecka valley is one of several genuine Liptov chalet where you can buy true genuine sheep bryndza. In addition to sheep cheese (bryndza), the salami offers fresh and smoked sheep's cheese, coriander and chenille. 


fresh cheese 1 kg 7 €
smoked cheese 1 kg 8 €
sheep cheese 1 kg 9 €
sheep's whey 1 l 2 €
cheese thread 1kg 9 €

In addition to sheep's milk products, shepherds can also order specialties from lamb and mutton. As a monument from the chalice you can take souvenirs with a chelet theme - beaters, walruses, whistles, pastiers whips, bells, turtles, sheep fur...

Very interesting is traditional operation (sheepskin, manual milking, traditional baskets, processing of raw milk without pasteurization), which is associated with sale in chelet with all the hygienic requirements. 

The area around the chalet also offers swings or slides for children, made in the style of mountain farming. Families with children will also use the focal points where they can prepare a barbecue. It is also possible to boil a lamb stew by himself or with the help of bats or hosts. During the day it is possible to see a demonstration of sheep milking from 4:00 to 16:00. Upon request in advance it is also possible to arrange a demonstration of sipping with patier whips. Read more in this article.

Liptovär Restaurant and Brewery

Beer lovers and good meals at the Liptovär brewery will also be there. Here you can taste beer, but you can even be witnesses of his own production. Beer is unpasteurized, unfiltered and will surely excite you with its pleasant hotness. Tours are held in groups of 5-15 people. If you are interested in a brewery tour, reserve min. 1 day in advance on tel. Number +421 905 821 859. The cost of the tour is 6 € per person. The restaurant also features a children's corner with a slide, a mini-swing and other children's attractions. 

Na svoje si prídu aj milovníci piva a dobrého jedla v pivovare Liptovär. Tu môžete pivo nielen ochutnať, ale dokonca môžete byť aj svedkami jeho samotnej výroby. Pivo je nepasterizované, nefiltrované a určite vás nadchne svojou príjemnou horkosťou. Prehliadky sa konajú v skupinách 5-15 osôb.  V prípade záujmu prehliadky pivovaru je nutná rezervácia min. 1 deň vopred na tel. čísle +421 905 821 859. Cena prehliadky je 6 € na osobu. Súčasťou reštaurácie je aj detský kútik so šmýkačkou, mini hojdačkou a inými detskými atrakciami. 

Garbiarska 2032
031 05 Liptovský Mikuláš
email: liptovar@liptovar.sk
tel.: +421 905 821 859

Brontvai Brewery

After a day-long retreat, you can indulge in well-deserved beer at the local Brontvai brewery in Kvačany. It is the first brewery in Liptov, which besides tasting beer and other beer specialties offers an unforgettable experience of the Brewery tour, combined with the interpretation of the production of this unique beverage. While enjoying the charm of this place, your children can have fun in the children's play area or admire the colorful parrots.

Opening hours

Monday – Saturday

10:00 – 21:00


10:00 – 18:00

Brewery sightseeing tour price of 3 €.

tel.:+421 911 787 345, +421 905 931 311
More info at www.pivovarbrontvai.sk

Chalet Bešeňovka

Another place that is definitely worth visiting in Bešeňová is Bešeňovka chalet, located 150 m from the road. You can buy products from sheep's and cow's milk such as cheese, butter, yoghurt, cinnamon, yarn, bryndza and other tasty products. 

Prices of dairy products.pdf


Opening hoirs

Mo - Su

8.00 – 19.00