Rafting adventure - Adrenaline center

The Adrenaline Center is located directly in the Ondrej Cibak water slalom complex in Liptovsky Mikulas, near the city center. It was built with an emphasis on exciting experiences where participants face mental, emotional and physical challenges. The Adrenaline Center provides great opportunities for entertainment, relaxation, sports and adrenaline use. Adrenaline Center's advantage is availability and offer of activities. Our Adrenaline Center is easily accessible from the D1 and also from the city center. There is a sufficient number of free parking spaces. It offers a lot of adrenaline and outdoor activities that you can try out in one day in one place. The Adrenaline Center is an ideal partner for small or large corporate events, teambuilding activities, or various events with up to 100 participants. All activities are carried out under the guidance of instructors. The individual activities are suitable for individual tourists as well as for groups or families with children.

In the areal you will find water-friendly tracks suitable for rafting and hydrospeed . Above the tracks there is a quiet water where you can try aquazorbing, paddleboarding or kayaking. Part of the quiet water is a wakeboard ski lift. Here you will also find a track for four-wheelers, a paintball field, Adventure golf course suitable for shooting from bow, air rifles or airsoft weapons. The area has a large enough area for other activities such as inflatable attractions, segway and more. The space allows even landing of motor paragliding. In the area we also offer catering services, which you can enjoy with several terraces.

The Adrenaline Center also includes children's attractions such as inflatable castle, pedaling cars, trampoline, fun-attraction and more. 

Opening hours

May, June, September

11:00 - 18:00 (weekends only)

July August 10:00 - 20:00 (daily)
October - April closed


See www.raftingadventure.sk or below for details.

Rafting and river rafting


Rafting in Liptovský Mikuláš, on an artificially exposed canal. The complex is located near the center of Liptovsky Mikulas. With its difficulty and equipment, it meets the world-class parameters (in 2007, the European Canoeing Championship for Sails). This track is the home of our Olympic champions - Michal Martikán and Elena Kaliska. Rafting is especially designed for real adrenaline entertainers. You will overcome obstacles as real professionals.


Rafting on the Bela River. The most beautiful and most beautiful natural river offered by Slovakia. It flows directly beneath its symbol - Krivan. Whale Bell reveals a view of wildlife that has not been available for you yet. The river with its difficulty will prepare a lot of moments that will certainly not leave you peaceful. Crew hitting is essential. After heavier sections, it always gets easier. That is why rafting on Belá is one of the most attractive and most attractive in Slovakia and enjoys great interest. The Belá river is one of the most unforgettable experiences. Her precious water and wild nature have already enchanted a few boats. We will be able to sail Bella in section Pobanské - Liptovský Hrádok.


Váh river rafting - recreational floating Váh is especially suitable for families with children. In the valley between the High Tatras and the Low Tatras, you can enjoy the most beautiful stretch of the longest Slovak river from the White and Black Vah Mountains to the Uhorská Ves. Recreational floating The scale is carried out on inflatable 2- or 6-seater raft boats accompanied by an instructor. An easy cruise on the Vah is also suitable for families with children. It allows you to turn off everyday worries and blend perfectly with nature for a typical tourist.


The Canoe School in Liptov is designed for those who want to experience not only something but to learn something new and untraditional. The canoe school is a full-day event divided into two parts - Learning and Practical Voyage. First, the canoe school participants learn the basics of canoeing on the water. Everything under the supervision of an experienced instructor. After a lunch break, the participants in the acquired knowledge will check directly in practice when navigating the river Váh. You can sail on an inflatable two-seater canoe without the help of an instructor. The instructor accompanies the entire kayak group. 


New in Slovakia - hydrospeed! In the Alpine countries, the well-known variation of rafting has also got us under the Tatra Mountains. The client dresses in neoprene. She lures the fins and sails through the waves with hydrospeed. Hydrospeed is a carrier plate on which the body lies, the feet are loosely laid on the water. Controls by tilting and moving the legs. This provides maximum contact with water. 


Rafting Orava - sailing is unpretentious with the beautiful panorama of untouched Oravska nature. The water is peaceful without any difficulty, so sailing in the Orava is suitable for beginners, but also for families with children.

Outdoor activities


Paintball is a game full of tension, adventure and excitement, but above all it is a FULLY ENTIRE FUN! It does not matter whether you are an individual, a bunch of friends or a big company - paintball is really enjoyed by everyone. Paintball play millions of men and women of all ages and professions all over the world. 
Paintball is a game that wakes up a child in an adult human. It is a contactless sport, where it is not crucial who is as strong as anyone weigh. Important is the ability to think, to make quick decisions and, last but not least, to team up. Paintball, through its rigid rules and gameplay, teaches self-rule, discipline, tactics and rationality.


Driving on quadricycles - off road arena Liptovsky Mikulas

  • especially competitive types 
  • offers multiple circuits with varying degrees of difficulty
  • number of obstacles

Sightseeing trips along the Liptov with a guide

  • ideal for people who want to admire panoramic views of the entire Liptov
  • riding in the wild on field roads with many natural obstacles


It is always a strong experience with an emphasis on overcoming oneself. Have you traversed a broken river? So do not hesitate and try your courage, speed and skill. In particular, bridging through a canal in Water Slalom Areas, under which water flows vigorously, is emanating. Rope bridging can be combined with adrenaline sports such as rafting.


Adventure Golf - fun for all. NEW in Slovakia. In 2011, we opened the Adventure Golf course in Liptovsky Mikulas. It's basically a small scale of big golf. Players use golf putters and play with real golf balls. They move along tracks with a grassy surface. The rules are similar to minigolf, but obstacles in the form of varied terrain inequalities, elevations and sand bunkers are waiting for you.


Paragliding on Liptov. Paragliding is the easiest and easiest access to aerospace. Accompanied by experienced instructors, this sport is also offered to you. Come and spend with us the time you will remember a long time. In an attractive environment of Liptov you can take classic tandem flights from Chopka with us.


Motor paragliding is for everyone who is interested in a strong experience in one location in a relatively short time. For those who want to move the boundaries of the idea of ​​their abilities further. For those looking for an interesting, fun program with a high dose of adrenaline. Discover the beauty of Liptov from bird's eye view. Motor paragliding is similar to classical tandem paragliding, but you do not need a hill. Motor paragliding is a good activity for corporate events as well.

If you are looking for even more adventures see www.raftingadventure.sk.