Where to go with children in Liptovsky Mikulas

You will know... You enjoy your holiday in Liptov, you are skiing all day, in the evening you will have the rest in one of the water parks and end the day in the evening, for example Liptovska specialita. And all this way. A parent would like a similar scenario, but what to do when the children start to hurt their legs and would like to experience something different for the change?

In this article we visit the center of Liptovsky Mikulas, where it clearly does not apply that museums and galleries are a great boredom for children. The ideal time to visit the center is Wednesday. Ask Why?

Evening weddings offer the possibility of a free tour of the Church of St. Nicholas and the dominance of the historical center. This evening you can experience this Wednesday (08.02.2017) from 19.30 to 21.00 with the beginning before the Church of St. Nicholas. If you would like to go straight to Jasnej, you can use CityBus, leaving the resort at 19:00.

Museum of Janko Kráľ

What, however, certainly attracts the youngest is the animation program "Let's get lost", prepared by the Museum of Jan Kráľ . You will experience the mysterious and exciting atmosphere of the life of the bandits. You are waiting for you to pick up, pick up and search for the treasure of the legendary Jojšík janitor. You can take a grosh with a zombie portrait or watch a movie about it. Additionally, you can take a few centuries at a time and try out how you feel in historical costumes in the exposition of the Medieval room. The costume picture is a matter of course.

Although Jánošík can be experienced only until Wednesday 8.3., Visitors are also available to the exposition known as St. Nicholas' torturer, which along with historical torture tools such as a dres, a scarf or a Spanish skirt approach the methods that led the Jánošík trial and the time , in which he lived.

Lapačku Jánošíka môžete síce zažiť už len do stredy 8.3., avšak aj potom je návštevníkom k dispozícií expozícia známa ako Mikulášska mučiareň, ktorá spolu s historickými mučiarenskými nástrojmi ako dereš, škripec či španielska čižma približujú metódy, akými bol vedený súdny proces s Jánošíkom i dobu, v ktorej žil.

Slovak Museum of Nature Conservation and Caves

Listen to the sounds of nature or go to the bear bar in the Slovak Museum of Nature Conservation and Caves . The museum recently underwent a complete renovation of the exhibition. Interactive rendering captivates every adult, and the child drives knowledge into heads in a natural way. From the visitor's assessment, it is clear that the reconstruction of the museum was a great idea:

„A wonderful experience. The most beautiful museum in Slovakia. Our 20-month-old daughter has gone full of experiences and we are happy. I recommend visiting everyone while staying in the Tatras.“

„High-quality, elaborate, attractive, interactive, pleasant museum, no reconstruction of the yard. I recommend seeing. It's for a few hours that's worth it.“

"Visiting this institution is a great idea, something for children will stick to. It takes time to schedule at least 2 to 3 hours. "

 "A great experience for both children and adults. We were very surprised by the high level of exposure. It's worth visiting! Something I've never seen in Slovakia. A really high level. " 

In addition to standing exposures dedicated to cave and mountain people, visitors can enjoy the "Fascinating World of Insects" exhibition during March and April. Of course, it will not be just a boring review of the insect-drawn collections. An interesting way is to learn about the biggest insects in the world, the fastest insects living in Slovakia or other rarities of this fascinating community. We recommend the exhibition with a visit to creative workshops for children. The only thing we can say about the museum is the opening hours. The weekends are usually closed, but it may be different, so we recommend checking them before visiting to avoid viewing exposures just outside the closed door. 


You can use the weekend to visit "Tvorivky" - a creative workshop at Center of Koloman Sokol. During the time spent with your kids, develop their creativity, concentration, visual sensations, and add new breaths to glass bottles or make brooches from the filter. A reward and a joy will be your own hand-crafted object and free entry to the exhibition of famous artist E. Martinčeková Šimerová. The action is primarily intended for children aged 8-14, but parents will also be involved. The price is 5 € and each additional child gets a 50% discount. The event is always on the last Saturday in the afternoon between 15:00 and 17:00. 

Mr Bohuna 's palette is a program in which the child gets interesting tasks for which he gets colors. During their performance you will discover together what signs and symbols are on the images of PM Bohúňa and what information they hide in them. Each picture and person has its own history and story. On your own skin, you will experience how a portrait artist feels and you will see the enthusiastic faces of your children when they find the artist's signature. For 3 €, you will be able to explore the Michal Petrov Gallery together, to test your memory, to spend time together and to improve the visual and spatial orientation of you and your children. The program starts on Saturday, March 18, 2017, and will continue every Saturday afternoon and from 14:00 until 15:00 on school holidays.