Visit the Hotel of Satisfied Cows in the Východná

We do not find this "accommodation" on our portal. But his visit is definitely recommended. At the Far Eastern farm, they opted for organic farming and opened their doors to all visitors. 
At the beginning of our visit, we must use our hands, wearing special boots and wearing a protective apron. This equipment is directed to the granary, where we examine our knowledge of the types of cereal. The rodent granary guard cats that urgently require our attention. Then cows are waiting for us. First, we look around the courtyard and then the "hotel" - a large shelter in which "more than 400 cows are" housed. We will learn, for example, that cows are very clean animals and some of them see to clean their coats on automatic brushes. 

The youngest members of our group are most interested in several-day calves in the "kindergarten". The calves are more excited than we are, and we are fascinated by our palms or swollen finger. Everything is done under the supervision of a bitch of the Slovak chef, but she can happily allow us to play with her puppies. 

For children who do not know where to spend their energy, a ski jumper with a soft hay impact is available. At the end of the farm tour, we can still try to look out of the big tractor cab and taste the freshest cheeses before they turn to the shops.  


  • children (and adults) learn to recognize cereal species in an experience way,
  • we will see the preparation of the cow '
  • we observe milking milk,
  • visit the Hotel of Satisfactory Cows,
  • we are looking for freshly born calves and we are going to give them our finger,
  • we will drop behind the wheel of the tractor,
  • we can try to jump into hay,
  • we try cheeses and we can buy them.

Opening Hours

Regular entries daily at 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 
You need to order by phone or email.

Contact: info@farmavychodna.sk | Telephone : 0949 860 944

Price list

6€ adult
5€ child /student /retiree
4€ for LiptovCard holders
Children up to 3 years free

What next?

Amphitheater in the East with a nice view of the Tatras. The event of the biggest Slovak folklore festival. The dominant feature of the grounds is a 28-meter high viewing area. In the area you will find wooden carved sculptures and educational walkway for children - Dobrá Východná. Entrance to the area is free of charge, for tower exit € 1. 
In the neighboring village Važec, we recommend visiting Važecká Cave. It belongs among the shorter caves, which predestines it mainly for families with children. It is open every day except Mondays.