Šútovský waterfall

Not only on Liptov, but also on Orava there are many beautiful natural phenomena. One of them is the Šútovská Valley, extending in the northwestern part of the Western Carpathians. Here you can spend pleasant moments with your loved ones. The crossing of the Šútovská Valley starts behind the village of Šútovo, from where we walk along the blue marked tourist trail. The first half of the route runs along the asphalt road, which extends to the hill area. From here we continue along the stony path of the pavement in a moderate climb of about 45 minutes. For rocky terrain, it is therefore advisable to choose stronger footwear. There is also an educational walkway in the valley, which consists of 6 information boards, from which you can learn a lot of attractions about water courses, fauna and flora, forests and the unspoiled nature of this area. At the end of the Šútovska Valley, the 38-meter high Šútovský waterfall is waiting for us. Here we can see that clear water drops crawl over uneven stone. The total valley route is about 3.8 km and can be controlled at a slow pace approximately 1:20 h.

The Stone Quarry

During the beautiful hot days, you can dump in the Stone Quarry, also called the Šútovské Lake. We find it in Kraľovany - part of the river, near Šútovo. This natural swimming pool is a very popular place in summer, not only for its refreshing water, but also because of the stone quarry itself, which adds its charm to this place. You can also see the amount of fish in the clear water of the lake. For the more brave, there is a place reserved for the nudge. However, it is worth noting that this natural swimming pool does not have lifeguards, so bathing is only on its own responsibility. Buffets are also available for snacks.





motocycle – 1,00 € / day

car – 2,00 € / day