Rebus room

Let yourself be drawn into an already boxing match where corruption is threatened. Your task is to find out whether it really is so ... The initial indie will pull your mind and intuition into the already, where you overcome one mysterious lock after the other, to a surprising and unexpected revelation ... We did it. Will you also grow up? 

The word "rhebus" creates a feeling of uncertainty. It was not even clear to us at the beginning of our visit what the nature of the escape room itself is. That's why we've just got an explanation, just after a welcome welcome, what an escape game is. 

What is an escape room?

In the escape room you will enjoy tension, fun and teamwork. The goal of the game is to solve individual ciphers, solve the puzzle, and escape from the room within a time limit. In order for mosaic pieces to fit into you, you will need to engage all the senses actively.  

Our game

Obviously, we will not write in this article about indications or warn about things to be noticed. We will not spoil the experience of your future game :) 

Let's just mention that in the next room the creator of the game is sitting behind the monitor. He is our other teammate who can tell us when we hang up and we can not move out of the place. We confess that a few times we needed his fine shake. Of course, we are available even if we need to leave the room for any reason. 

We had one hour to escape from the room and thus successfully solve the mystery within the time limit. The tension in our two-member team escalated a few seconds before the end of the timeout. The code for the last lock, which means access to the key from the door, we got about 2 seconds before one hour. It was left just to unlock quickly ... of course we did not get it. However, the end of the game did not take place after one hour. As our creator of the game later revealed to us, they leave everyone to play. The good feeling of a successfully solved mystery is an irreplaceable experience and the satisfaction of the visitors is in the first place in the Rebus room. 

Who is the game suitable for?

  • for players of all ages,
  • for families with children as a versatile development of skills in an attractive form, 
  • even for younger children who think and often surprise them,
  • for groups that want to strengthen cohesion and teamwork,
  • for anyone who can think in contexts,
  • even for people without special language or other knowledge.

Price and service availability:

  • 40 € group (max. 4 people),
  • 30 € pair,
  • discount on Liptov region card.

It's played in the afternoon to the afternoon. Game must be booked a day in advance. Contact us on the web site: www.rebusroom.sk

What next?

If the weather does not work on this day, you can take time with our family to visit the nearby Museum of Nature Conservation and Caves.

It is highly probable that children will need to physically step off. As well as following this challenging intellectual activity. In this case, we recommend visiting the largest children's corner in the city - Handy-Dandy in the RGB shopping center in the D1 direction. 

An interesting attraction for completing the program for adults can be a visit to the Liptovär Brewery , which is located about 200 meters from the Rebus room. This local brewery also offers excursions in addition to tasting different types of beers.