Mini zoo Sidorovo

This cozy "mini farm" is located below the hill of Sidorovo, just 20 minutes from the top station of the cable car to Malinô Brdo. We find livestock such as sheep, goats, geese, pigs, rabbits, hens, but also beautiful peaks. It's not just a classic mini-zoo. It is a place where we can not only see but also touch these animals. Therefore, this place is suitable for families with children, school trips and for everyone with a relationship to nature and animals.

The area completes hand-carved wooden components such as gazebos, benches, a saw-shaped predominant swing and a beautiful children's carousel with a wooden sheep that will delight not only in the eye. Visitors can stay here for longer, and take advantage of the focal points that are available at a picnic in a pleasant mountain environment. After agreement with the owner, it is also possible to boil the potted goulash from its own raw materials. It is also possible to shoot yourself from the air rifle or to engage in other sports activities. The entrance is free of charge with the possibility to visit daily from 18.6. until 18.9.2016 at 9.00 - 17.00.

The surrounding area also offers interesting opportunities for excursions. Here are some of the types:  

SIDOROVO (1099 above sea level)

Sidorovo is a wooded limestone massif with a dolomite peak. From the highest point extended over the Vlkolínec meadows there is a beautiful view of Vlkolínec and Revúcke podolie. Sidorov's historical interest is that during the Second World War the seat of the German anti-aircraft battery was here. The top part of the hill was fortified and there were many trenches. After the war, however, this fact quickly fell into forgotten. Several marked tourist paths lead to Sidorovo. 



The monumental reservation of folk architecture, registered in 1993, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is still a living village, which shows that almost half the home is still inhabited. It is especially exceptional by the log architecture of the top-type and typical of the long open courtyards opening into terraced fields. The most precious buildings include the loggier bell tower, the log cabin well and the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. From mini-zoo Sidorovo, Vlkolínec is about 20 minutes' walk to the yellow marked tourist path.


Adrenaline experience

For visitors who like adrenaline, there is the possibility of a race from Malina Brda on mountain bikes or scooters. There are scooters for adults and children from 6 years of age. The equipment includes a protective helmet and cycling gloves. For less experienced people, a downhill course is 5 km long, brighter can use the lightest route in the bike park - rookie line..



After leaving Malinô Brdo, Hrabovo offers several opportunities for swimming in the Hrabovská nádrž, aquazorbing and boating in rented boats. There is also Tarzania, which is considered to be the largest rope park in Slovakia with a total length of 1110 m.