May sheep cheese from Liptov

Why is May Bryndza the best one? Fresh spring juicy passion is a delicious flavor and scent. The sheep are still in high quality milk in May, which is necessary for the growth of lambs. However, some of the milk is also used to produce cheese and bryndza. 

Liptov has been known for producing bryndza for several centuries. In the past, traders have even traveled to Vienna under the name of Liptauer. The name has lasted until today, but the quality of the original product is no longer what it used to be. Bryndza on store shelves contains more and more added cow's milk. The process of pasteurization loses valuable substances that are very beneficial to the human organism. Probiotics for proper digestion or calcium on healthy bones and teeth are just a fraction of all its health benefits…

Chelet Pastierka 

Salaš Pastierska under Bobrovecka valley is one of several genuine Liptov chalet where you can buy true genuine sheep bryndza. In addition to sheep cheese (bryndza), the salami offers fresh and smoked sheep's cheese, coriander and chenille. 

Price list

fresh cheese 1 kg 7 €
smoked cheese 1 kg 8 €
sheep cheese 1 kg 9 €
sheep's whey 1 l 2 €
cheese thread 1kg 9 €

In addition to sheep's milk products, shepherds can also order specialties from lamb and baran. As a monument from the chalet you can take souvenirs with a salašníckou theme - beans, whiskers, whistles, pastiers whips, bells, turtles, sheep fur ...  

Salaša's interest is traditional (pasta with sheep dogs, hand milking, traditional baskets, processing of raw milk without pasteurization), which is associated with sale in a colib with all hygienic requirements. 

The area around the chalet also offers swings and slides for children, made in the style of mountain farming. Families with children will also use the focal points where they can prepare a toaster. It is also possible to produce a lamb stew with the help of baches or hosts. During regular traffic, it is possible to see a demonstration of sheep milking from 4:00 to 16:00. On request in advance, it is also possible to arrange a demonstration of patience whipping.

Opening hours 

The sale of cheese and chicory to chicken is traditionally commenced on 1st May. Salaš is open daily from 12:00 to 18:00. In September and October, the sale time is shortened from 14:00 to 17:00 due to lower milk production. During the later autumn and winter, the chalet is closed.

How to get to the chalet

Salaš is a popular summer destination for cyclists. However, access to the hut is also possible on the same route along the same route. The ribbon between the Bobrovec valley and the chalet will take the road leading from Bobrovca. About 1 km above Bobrovcom, we cross the junction, which turns right at Jalovec Bridge. You can also get there by bus from Liptovský Mikuláš. We continue straight. Directional chairs are placed in a sufficiently deep place, so we do not have the orientation problem. 

After refreshment, it is possible to extend our cycling route along Tatranská magistrála to the Žiarska dolina or new asphalt towards Liptovské Matiašovce. Keep an eye on our site and keep track of the biking trails in the area.