Lúčky - village beneath the waterfall

Lúčky, also known as Lucky Spa, is a village known mainly for its thermal springs. The spa, which is located here, is therefore often a popular attraction for older generations and, at present, by the younger generation. We also associate it with the name of "village under Choč." Every year there are organized tourist excursions in the summer and winter, so they can come here to their even passionate tourists. Not everyone knows that this village can offer it much more than we think, especially with regard to the natural richness of this area. Read on and recommend places you should definitely stop when visiting this village.

Waterfall of Lúčky

The main symbol of Lúčky is the inescapable waterfall of Lúčky. In 1974, it was declared a protected natural creation with an area of ​​0.94 ha and later in 1996 it was pre-categorized as a national natural monument. Liptovský vodopád Liptov people probably know, but perhaps you did not know that it is the largest travertine waterfall in Slovakia. The water here falls from a height of 13 meters. The Lucerne travertine is 200-1400 years old. The formation of these structures undoubtedly has a conscious mineral water. The peninsula cascades can be seen 4km from the spa of Lúčka, the Teplika stream. Waterfall fo Lúčky really belongs to Liptov's gems and the sight of it will certainly please many eye. In the summer, this waterfall is used for recreation and bathing, the lake is rebuilt, mainly used by locals and tourists. For daredevils who want to enjoy some adrenaline.

Christmas Fair under the Waterfall

In winter there is also a traditional Christmas fair under the waterfall. This is a fairly young event, in 2016 we could enjoy the sixth year. The atmosphere of such a fair is different from that of traditional food, for example, in the city center, where you can also enjoy the fabulous view of the waterfall while enjoying traditional drinks and meals. At the fair you can buy a variety of handmade home-made products, or buy a CD of local folk group Lúčan, which has enriched this event with performances by both older and younger members. One sentence, it was what to watch and every year you have the opportunity to be part of this event. :)

Diviačia obora – "Golden" pigs

If you've accidentally run across the yacht with gourmet experiences, it will surely fit for a small walk. Near the thermal swimming pool there are fewer known beagle breamers, also known as the wild beasts of Lúčka. If you are afraid that you will not be happy for Christmas until the middle of the evening, you are afraid you will not see a golden pig, then this destiny is made for you. You will surely see the piglet and it's 75-150 kilos. During the summer you can also paint their young ones. A wildcat female sheds 4-12 chicks. This brood was established in 1997. It is used to train hunting dogs to learn how to work with wildlife in hunting grounds. It is owned by OkO SPZ Ružomberok and it is in the district of the Lúčky Hunting Society. Security rules apply, such as feeding directly from a hand where injuries can occur. Diviačia obora is especially attractive for children's visitors. Therefore, if you do not know where to go with the kids we definitely recommend this place.

Salt Cave

The last less known but interesting attraction we can find in this village is the salt cave. It is part of the wellness complex Wellness Dependance Liptov. It is an artificially created cave that simulates a micro salt mine. It has beneficial effects in the treatment of respiratory tract, locomotory system, blood circulation, nervous system dysfunction, digestive system, rheumatoid diseases, sinus inflammation and also dermatological diseases, and helps to overweight, thus speeding up metabolism. So if you need to switch off after a full-day roundabout duty, an hour in the salt cave is a great choice. You can regenerate with inhalation of salt vapors for relaxation music. The Salt Cave is also suitable for children, so you can take them with you peacefully.