Last sled ride in Žiarska dolina, pastelkovo and Štôľňa

Strong sun rays accompany the arrival of spring. Those sporty more active have already pulled out of the beer bikes or skates. But the winter did not end in the mountains. The snowfall last week was evidence that the cold had not said the last word yet. 

Žiarska cottage

Žiarska cottage is one of the places where you can admire the beauty of nature in the heart of the Western Tatras, and it is also available to families with children. The route from the parking lot below Žiarská dolina to Žiarsky cottage is 5.2 km long and exceeds an elevation of 400 meters. The average hike takes about 1.5 hours.

Although the hike in the Žiarska chat is one of the less demanding, it must be remembered that the cottage is only halfway through the entire tour and we are still waiting for our trip.

The advantage of Žiarska cottage is the way to run in the summer on the scooters that rent at the cottage. In winter this option is not, of course, but save energy down the road by skiing or sledding. Unlike scooters, however, they need to bring their own gear. It is preferable to go on a hike armed with snows in the morning or afternoon, when the snow is not very sprawled by the strong spring sun. 

Žiarska cottage in winter:

  • Route parameters in one direction:
    • 5,2 km
    • elevation 400 m 
    • time 1.5 h 
  • Parking: Paid parking right under the valley. Free parking is available at nearby Koliba Koziar (PASTELK - see below), subject to a visit to the restaurant. 
  • Bus SAD - The bus leaves the bus station in Liptovsky Mikulas 6:25, 12:15, 14:15 during the week and 6:30, 8:30, 12:15 and 14:15 on weekends and holidays. The final stop is about 200 meters below the car park.
  • The cottage offers a wide range of snacks and is open daily from 7:00 to 21:00.

Medvedia štôlňa

On the way to the cottage, about 300 meters from the parking lot, you will surely notice a wooden cottage - Falesk - built at the Bear's Galley. Štôlňa, also known as St. Barborka, is the only open mining work on Liptov. In the atmosphere of burning blazes you will discover the result of the endless efforts of people who have hammer and hammer the way in the hard rock with the vision of obtaining gold. No lighting is installed in the money, so every visitor receives a headlamp before the entrance. You do not necessarily need special clothing or footwear. Visit a galley is an experience for the whole family, which you will be remembered for a long time.

Entrance to the galley is from 10:00 to 16:00 every day, which is an advantage compared to eg. Demänovské caves, which are closed on Monday. Admission is 5 € for adults and 3 € for children, students and retirees.


In addition to the scenery of mountains or galleries, you will surely be able to see Pastelkovo. Ask what is it? The playground at Chate Koziar hit the Žofia whirlpool in 2014, which caused the windy calamity that the natives were confronted with. Of the standing stamps that survived the vortex, but they lost the upper part of the tree, they cut out colored crayons.