Creative workshops in Vlkolínec

During the months of July and August 2016, there are prepared creative workshops in Vlkolíne, in the garden yard where children and adults can try different art techniques. Every day from 9.00 to 17.00 awaits you graduates from the Basic Art School of Ľudovít Fullo from Ruzomberok, who will be willing to attend.


Both small and large can try weaving on backpacks, which were used mainly in the past for the production of carpets and textiles. Work on backpacks is not difficult and can be handled by everyone who has a taste and a bit of patience. After the part of the carpet has been wiped, each visitor will mark his work with a ribbon, on which he will write his name and the country where he comes from. On our own skin we have tried it and you can judge the result yourself. 

This "Carpet of Nations" will be displayed in the European Parliament after the end of the creative workshops in Vlkolíne, where it will remind the work of all the handsome hands that created it. 

In addition to weaving, you can try to work on the potter's circle, where you can change a piece of unblemished clay to "artwork" within minutes. Whether it's a vase, a cup, or a pot depends only on you and your skill. You can then take a manufactured item as a souvenir.


Another interesting feature is the UNESCO House Model, which visitors of Vlkolinca can attach shingles with the name, country and date of their visit during the summer holidays. After filling the entire roof with shingles, this model will be displayed in the aria of the city office in Ruzomberok. 

Creative workshops are free of charge, and other expositions should be governed by the current price list.