Behind Liptov's strands on horses

The fact that the best things are free we have been persuading many times. One of the proofs is the natural springs from the untouched nature of Liptov. The breath of fresh water, as well as the surrounding nature of Liptovská Štiavnica, Liptovské Sliače and Ludrová, can be enjoyed somewhat unusually - from a horse perspective. You will experience a fairytale ride on a historic cat that will return to the past for a moment and see how our ancestors lived. The route of this exploratory journey begins in Liptovská Štiavnica, from where the horses Golem and Linda will take you to the individual strands.

Medokýš Liptovská Štiavnica

Medokýš is a popular name for mineral water of acidic taste. It contains many minerals such as bicarbonates, sulphates, fluorides, magnesium and calcium. The water is clear, colorless and odorless, so it is very popular among households. Nearby benches are benches where you can sit and enjoy a drink prepared by nature itself. You can find Štiavnický medokýs near the recreation center Chalúpkovo.  

Water spring očianka

In Liptovska Stiavnica we find another water spring called očianka (eyewitness). The title was probably given for its beneficial healing effects attributed to it. In the past, it was primarily used in children's conjunctivitis. Today, it is said that the long-term use of water from this source causes a reduction in eye pressure. Whether it's true or not, one thing is certain - the water is tasty and you will definitely be refreshed in the hot days.

Teplica – Liptovské Sliače

Another area rich in mineral springs is Liptovské Sliače. There is a spring, called Teplica, which rises from the north side of the travertine kick. For this reason, it is also included among the protected natural creations. Its mineral content is among the strongly mineralized source in which sulfur is most represented.

Medokýš  Ludrová 

Another of the mineral springs, which is definitely worthwhile to taste, is just a Medieval in Ludrova. We find it about 300 meters behind the village, in the area called the Močila. Natural slim mineralized hydrocarbonate - sulphate, calcium - magnesium, carbon dioxide, is developed here. The atmosphere of this place is complemented by a wooden gazebo that protects its unique treasure.

Ludrovská dolina 

Ludrovská valley is the ideal place for relaxation. When crossing the valley below the red tourist sign you can stop at the SNP. There is also something good beneath the tooth in a beautiful mountain environment. 

In case of interest, another route, according to your expectations, is also possible. 

Pricelist - catwalk

1 hour

10,00 €

* Horse riding is possible even during the winter season.

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