Places to go with kids

Visit the Hotel of Satisfied Cows in the Východná

You cannot find this "accommodation" on our portal. But we definitely recommend to visit it. At the farm in the East they chose the organic breeding of animals and opened their gates to all visitors.

By bicycle through the valley of the Black Váh along the route of the former railroad

The valley of the Black Váh and the adjoining valleys were covered by more than 100 kilometers of the narrow-gauge Považská forest railway for the transport of wood and forest workers until 1976. Today a small part of her route serves cyclists.

Adventure on Váh - Strečno

Holidays start and visitors targeting the west of Liptov cross the Strecno strait on their way. And just Strecno is a great tip for families with children where you can spend the whole day intense. Explore the attractions of the area we have chosen. We are waiting for Strečno castle, the medieval village "Paseka" under the castle, a cruise through Strečnian Strait, a memorial of French partisans, a rock on the hill Kojsova and the Panorama restaurant.

May sheep cheese from Liptov

Why is the May sheep cheese the best? Fresh spring juicy passion is a delicious flavor and aroma. The sheep are still in high quality milk in May, which is necessary for the growth of lambs. However, some of the milk is also used to produce cheese, especially sheep cheese.

Čerenova scale

A unique rock with a view that enchants everyone... Without ropes, in an hour, even with smaller children... Rocks and beaches are usually a challenge for mountaineers. Ceren's rock is an exception. It is also easily available to non-sprotsmens.

Last sled ride in Žiarska dolina, pastelkovo and Štôľňa

Strong sun rays accompany coming of spring. Those sporty more active have already pulled out of the beer bicycle or skates. In the mountains, however, the winter did not end. The snowfall last week was evidence that the winter had not yet said the last word. 

Where to go with children in Liptovsky Mikulas

You know it... Enjoying your holiday in Liptov, you are skiing all day, in the evening you will have a rest in one of the water parks and end of the day with a special Liptov specialty. And that way. A parent would like a similar scenario, but what if the kids start to hurt their legs and would like to experience something different for the change?

Lúčky, also known as Spa Lucky, is a village known mainly for its thermal springs. The spa, which is located here, is often a popular attraction for younger generations. We also associate it with the name "Village under Choc chills." Every year there are organized tourist excursions in the summer and winter so they can come here to their passionate tourists. Not everyone knows that this village can offer it much more than we think, especially with regard to the natural wealth of this area. Read on and recommend places you should definitely stop when visiting this village.

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Šútovský waterfall

Not only on Liptov, but also on Orava there are many beautiful natural phenomena. One of them is the Šútovská valley, extending in the northwestern part of the Western Carpathians. Here you can spend pleasant moments with your loved ones. The passage through the Šútovská valley starts behind the village Šútovo, from where we walk along the blue marked tourist path.

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Behind Liptov's strands on horses

The fact that the best things are free we have been persuading many times. One of the proofs is the natural springs from the untouched nature of Liptov. A breath of fresh water, but also the surrounding nature of Liptovská Štiavnica, Liptovské Sliače and Ludrová, you can enjoy a bit unusual - from a horse perspective. You will experience a fairytale ride on a historical cat that you will return to the past for a while and imagine how our ancestors lived. The route of this exploratory journey starts in Liptovská Štiavnica, from where Golem and Linda will take you to the individual strands.

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Mini zoo Sidorovo

This cozy "mini farm" is located under the hill of Sidorovo, just 20 minutes from the top station of the cable car to Malinô Brdo. We find livestock such as sheep, goats, geese, pigs, rabbits, hens, but also beautiful peaks. It's not just a classic mini-zoo. It is a place where we can not only see, but also touch these animals. Therefore, this place is suitable for families with children, school trips and for everyone who has a relationship with nature and animals.

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Creative workshops in Vlkolínec

Both small and large can try to weave on backpacks, which were used mainly in the past for the production of carpets and textiles. Work on backpacks is not difficult and can be handled by anyone who has a taste and a bit of patience. After the part of the carpet has been wiped, each visitor will mark his work with a ribbon to write his name and country of origin. On our own skin, we also tried it and you can judge the result yourself.

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