Wood rafting

Wood rafting - nowadays romance, once the hard brains of our old fathers. For centuries, the woods of the Orava mine mainly consisted of construction timber (for the construction of Zilina, Bytča, Hričova, Trenčín and today's Budapest), but also hay, grain, ceramics, canvas, rocks, wooden shingles, prisms, boards and even wooden windows. The goods were also transported from Poland - lead, copper, but especially salt - in 1695 it was transported up to 16 000 tonnes.

Sightseeing cruise on the river ORAVA, under the rock, took Orava Castle, which is almost 800 years proud of Orava. During your voyage you will have unique views of the Orava Castle and you will return at least for a while to the past.

Length of sightseeing cruise

From Horná Lehota to Oravský Podzámok, sailing takes 1 hour. 
Operation: July, August daily from 9:00 to 17:00, May to October - Orders. 
Upon request, we provide time-guided tickets for the tour of Orava Castle, which is a time-sailing tour. A professional interpretation of Otevo's landing history is part of the cruise. 
Group day orders forward - discount option.

More info at www.plte-orava.sk.

Sailing and rafting

We run the sail on the River Orava in its last section, which is 8.5 km long. We sail in Kraľovianska dolina between the villages of Párnica - Kraľovany and Šipská Mala Fatra - Krivánska Mala Fatra. The ride itself takes an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the state of the watercourse and the crew. This gauntlet is also taught to people who do not have the experience of sailing, but even the most rewarding ones will appreciate the beauty of the local nature, the diverse flora and fauna, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

Marking of the runway difficulty is WW 1 to WW 2. This stretch of Orava is navigable throughout the season. Each participant gets a float vest, a paddle, and has a short training session. In every boat there is always an instructor who will explain everything and complete the raft with the crew. Knowledge of swimming is not necessary. Participants always end up with their vehicle.

Glacier - Kraľovany 
section This section of Orava, besides the enchanting nature, contains the most demanding section (WW2 + difficulty) photos you can find in the photo gallery - "Extreme extremes and what is coming". Its navigability depends on the water level.

More information at www.splavovanie.sk.