Museum of the Orava village, Zuberec – Brestová

The museum is situated in a beautiful natural environment in the foothills of Roháčov. More than 50 buildings of folk architecture are built in several units that remind the individual parts of Orava - Dolno-Moravian rhino, Hornooravska street, Goral lazy. 

There are also technical constructions such as a water-powered mill, a cloth stroke, an oil mill, a pottery furnace and others.

Above the "village" is the wooden Gothic church of St. Elizabeth of Hungary from the beginning of the 15th century. A church with a late-gothic painted ceiling and a functional portable baroque organ is the real jewel of the museum. 
The home and livestock equipment (in the summer as well as the cultivation of typical crops) allow visitors to imagine the life and work of Oravci in the past.


Information about the tour

You can take a tour at the Orava Village Museum individually anytime during opening hours. You can rent the accompanying text in 11 languages ​​(Slovak, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, German, Italian, French, Dutch, English, Spanish) at the ticket office of the museum, on individual objects there are brief descriptions in Slovak. The tour is limited only by the opening hours.

Lecture Interpretation

If you are interested, you can order a lecture in Slovak or English. It is a paid service that needs to be booked in advance. 
We provide lectures on ordered groups, usually over 20 people, on working days if the program is not in the museum. 
Personally, we do not have lecturers at weekends, public holidays and scenic programs. If you can not provide a lecture on the required deadline, a cashier (if circumstances permit) can provide your group on request with an introductory verbal explanation of exposure information in abridged form, and details of individual objects can be read in the accompanying text (11 language mutations) or tables on individual objects.

For more information, visit www.muzeum.zuberec.sk.