Dom hore nohami - Heliport

Do you feel like you've seen everything and nothing new can surprise you? But you have not seen the "house up your feet" yet. This atypical building is located between Liptovský Trnovec and Liptovský Mikuláš near the Aquapark Tatralandia. You can see this attraction in the summer (1.5-15.9) Mon-Sun 10: 00-18: 00 and in winter (16.9-30.4) Mon-Sun 10: 00-21: 00.


The house is completely finished and can be visited both inside and outside. The building is an exact replica of a real house where there is no kitchen, living room, bath, but also garden tools, crazy dogs and even an old moped. All is a little untraditional - upside down. This project was inspired by the fact that not only Liptov, but also Slovakia is sometimes the opposite. Inside you can find ceramic fairy-tale characters and also room replicas. If you have not yet visited this object, it is high time. The whole attraction is tilted by 12 degrees in both planes, which makes you feel as if you are slightly drunk. At the attraction is a chalet where visitors can buy souvenirs, raw products, or sit for a cup of good coffee.


Pricelist - Dome upstairs


8,00 €


5,00 €

You can find a complete pricelist and discounts at the official home page of the rooftop house: www.domnastreche.sk.
Tel.: +421 915 05 15 05
Email: info@domnastreche.sk

Flight over Liptov

Lovers of helicopters will also come to their place. There's a chance to see the helicopter up close and also take a picture of it. The more courageous they can fly on, thanks to Heliport Liptov, which offers sightseeing flights over and around Liptov. The Robinson R44 Raven Helicopter is built for 3 passengers and flies at an average speed of 180 km / h, so in a few minutes you will enjoy the beauty of Liptov.

If you are interested, please contact:
Tel.: +421 917 17 17 11 
E-mail: info@heliportliptov.sk

Flight Ticket

Duration 8 min.

100.00 / max. 3 people

Flight 10 min.

130.00 / max. 3 people

Duration 15 min.

195,00 / max. 3 people

Flight of 30 minutes.

390,00 / max. 3 people