Rambling Bešeňová

Bešeňovské travertins

We can convince the beauties of Liptov daily for our own eyes. One of the treasures of our Liptov region is the Besenova travertine which is located north of Bešeňová. In the past, this travertine was used for mining because of its varied coloring. His gold-plated boards adorn, for example, the Comenius University building in Bratislava, or the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland. Today the mining is stopped for the preservation of this precious monument. The Bešeňské travertines consist of two parts, the upper part - known as the Chapel, which is dry and does not spring from it, and a lower part, which is constantly covered by mineral water streams, which ensures its colorful coloring.

In the vicinity of the travertines there is a mineral water, called a meduce, where you can refresh yourself. It contains many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, extra sulphates, bicarbonates, free carbon dioxide and other beneficial substances. 

A few meters from the travertine on a nearby hill you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Bešeňová village, Lipt. Michal, Partizánska Lupča, Lipt. Warm as well as part of Ružomberok and Bešeňová reservoir


Chalet Bešeňovka

Another place that is definitely worth visiting in Bešeňová is Bešeňovka, located 150 m from the road. Here you can buy sheep's and cow's milk products such as cheese, butter, yoghurt, cinnamon, yarn, bryndza and other tasty products. 

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Opening hours

Mon - Sun

8.00 - 19.00

Thermal Park Bešeňová

If you want to relax and recharge, GINO PARADISE is the ideal place for you. There are plenty of pools with clear water, but also with thermal water, which relaxes not only your body but also your mind. There is a swimming pool with artificial waves and a climbing wall, a children's pool with water castle, and a large toboggan run with 6 water slides offering an unrepeatable adrenaline experience.

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