Do you know the cross high above the path that welcomes visitors to Liptov?

Šíp (1170 m) - a hill overlooking the narrow pass between Turcom and Liptov. The cross on its forehead is also visible to the main road leading through the valley. After the hike, we recommend refreshment in the natural lake.

The area around the villages of Stankovany, Rojkov and Kraľovany forms the border between Malá and Veľká Fatra. The Choč Hills are also very close. This is why this area is valuable in terms of diverse natural phenomena. There is also no media attention to the springs around the planned highway.


Our tour 

Getting started in the village of Stankovany. After crossing the railroad, we climb up the village. This is followed by a stretch of erosion marked by the weirdness that we get to the Žaškov saddle. There is a shepherd with sheep and if we can reach the gelding, we can try the taste of the local chenille. With the increasing incline and half-terrain on the pavement, the first views begin to open. The eye of the tourist will please the rock formation called Baranček. The skala in its upper part remarkably resembles the shape of the hulking head. More courageous, they climb to a few meters high rock and get to the view of the tree crowns. Soon we'll get to the ridge a couple of semperts. Here we will see the rock on the left side. An unmarked sidewalk pointing to it will take us to the Cave Cave. After about 10 minutes of walking down the ridge, we will see the top endpoint. We are 1170 meters above sea level. 

To the west of us, we see a cross at the Rear Sip, which we will soon get. On the way to it, we pass through a rocky town, which sometimes forces us to take a hiatus or somewhat withdraw our abdomen :) At the cross we see the view from the slightly altered perspective and the steeply descending walkway we go down the forest. At the edge of the woods, we will see a couple of woods - we are in Podšípe. In this old habitation with about 12 wooden buildings, it seems like time has come. The meadow where the settlement is lying is said to have the highest concentration of flowers in Central Europe. Apparently due to the limestone subsoil.

From the settlement leads a locally marked walkway down to Stankovian. But we crossed across the meadow, where we found the beginning of the cycling trail leading down the mule. We chose it to make it easier to get to the mineral spring with the pond. The spring and the lake lie between the Podzim and the railway track. The water feels on the sulfur, it has a refreshing 21-23 °, a depth of about 1.5 meters and can be bathed there. On the travertine kick below it, the water is spraying, making it much warmer. In smaller lakes, children are mainly to be won. After crawl, we continue for about 1.5 km to the village. 


  • leads along the yellow mark, from Podšíp according to local markings or cycling
  • distance exceeded 11 km, elevation 770 meters, 
  • time with average tempo without pauses 4 h.


  • a suitable hill also for families with children,
  • great outlook for relatively little effort,
  • cave, rock town,
  • a monumental cross on the precursor,
  • enchanting woods on Podšípe,
  • mineral springs,
  • swimming after a hike in a natural lake,
  • excellent transport accessibility.

Tip at the end

You can get to Stankovian by train. However, if you choose by car, we recommend you make a stop at Salaši Krajinka in front of Ružomberok or on the gravel river Rieka with clear water in Šútov.