Do you know where the Baywatch and the Poľovníkov waterfall are?

These unusual refreshments can be found under the Bobrovec valley. Take advantage of the last warm days of this summer and pay to them.

Bejvoč is in fact an unused tank for irrigation of surrounding fields. The depth of the tank is 2 meters in diameter and its dimensions are approximately 70 x 150 meters. The remains of the former engine room can be seen in the building on the edge of the tank, which now serves as a pretzel. 

The reservoir is powered by Jalovčianka mountain stream. However, the plug is small and the water can be quickly heated up. As a rule, the water is always slightly warmer than the water in Liptovska Mare. Its purity is testified by the amount of fish. At first glance, the algae grow in the corners of the reservoir, but they just have to conscientiously clean water. The location along the shores and where most visitors are moving are regularly cleaned locally. 

Swimming in the tank is free but at your own risk. Particularly popular is jumping from the pier to the swing. Besides domestic children and families, the reservoir is popular among cyclists heading for the Bobrovec valley (for example, Pastierka or the waterfall), as well as among tourists from Babiek, Sivý Vrch or Chrudim pod Rružím.


  • free swimming,
  • clean and warm water,
  • modified and mocked shoreline,
  • friendly forest environment,
  • a place of interest for hiking and cycling.

Poľovníkov waterfall

Approximately 5.5 kilometers away is the Harvester's Waterfall - a popular place for family walks. We can leave the car in the free car park beneath the Bobrovecká vápenice meadow or at the Hotel Mních. If you go with a bicycle, you will save your new asphalt from behind your waterfall by pulling your hands. That's where the hunting lodge with the inscription "Get up!" The waterfall falls on two rocks from a height of 12 meters. With plenty of water, it creates a beautiful water ribbon. The environment around the waterfall has become unrecognizable with the treatment of calamity wood, but it still remains a nice sight for trips. 

What next? 

  • a visit to Chelet Pastrierska,
  • mini Zoo, a large playground and a fish pond at the Monni Hotel,
  • hiking of various difficulty on Babky, Sivý vrch, Chatu pod Náružím,
  • cycling continues from the waterfall through forest asphalt towards Liptovské Matiašovce, Kvačany (brewery) or ​Kvačiansku valley...