One-day trips

Baywatch and the Poľovníkov waterfall

These unusual refreshments can be found under the Bobrovec valley. Take advantage of the last warm days of this summer and pay to them. Bejvoč is in fact an unused tank for irrigation of surrounding fields. The depth of the tank is 2 meters in diameter and its dimensions are approximately 70 x 150 meters. The remains of the former engine room can be seen in the building on the edge of the tank, which now serves as a pretzel. 

The most beautiful Slovak shooting range is in Liptov

The height of Háj above Liptovský Mikuláš was more than 70 years ago as a shooting point during the 2nd World War fights. Today the shots are heard again. We were looking at why. We can easily find the railway station according to the directional signs on the way to Háj. Upon arrival, we put things in a glazed cottage. We sign a couple of formalities and look at the showcase with weapons. Everything we see, we can test today. Colorful "plates" are unprecedented...

Visit the Hotel of Satisfied Cows in the Východná

We do not find this "accommodation" on our portal. But his visit is definitely recommended. At the Far Eastern farm, they opted for organic farming and opened their doors to all visitors.

By bicycle through the valley of the Black Váh along the route of the former railroad

The valley of the Black Váh and the adjoining valleys and valleys were swamped by more than 100 kilometers of narrow-gauge Považská forest railway for the transport of wood and forest workers by 1976. Today a small part of her route serves cyclists.

Do you know the cross high above the path that welcomes visitors to Liptov?

Šíp (1170 m.n.m.) - kopec týčiaci sa nad úzkym priesmykom medzi Turcom a Liptovom. Kríž na jeho predvrchole je viditeľný aj hlavnej cesty vedúcej údolím. Po túre nám padne vhod osvieženie v prírodnom jazierku. Oblasť v okolí dedín Stankovany, Rojkov a Kraľovany tvorí hranicu medzi Malou a Veľkou Fatrou. Neďaleko začínajú aj Chočské vrchy. Aj z tohto dôvodu je táto oblasť cenná z hľadiska rôznorodých prírodných úkazov. Neuniká ani pozornosti médií v súvislosti so spormi okolo trasy plánovanej diaľnice.

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Kvačianska walley, Mlyny Oblazy, fishing

Cvending stream, bird breed, the scent of forest trees, and an indescribable view of undisturbed nature. Yes, it is also a walk through the National Nature Reserve - Kvačianska Valley. This valley, which is considered one of the most beautiful valleys of the Choč Mountains, is located behind the village of Kvačany, where our pilgrimage begins. From here we continue along the red marked tourist path, in a slight climb, about an hour. During the journey you can see some really interesting events. One of them is a rock form resembling the human face. It is said that it belongs to ours.

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Rambling Bešeňová

We can convince the beauties of Liptov daily for our own eyes. One of the treasures of our Liptov region is the Besenova travertine which is located north of Bešeňová. In the past, this travertine was used for mining because of its varied coloring. His gold-plated boards adorn, for example, the Comenius University building in Bratislava, or the Palace of Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

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Upside down house - Heliport

Do you feel like you've seen everything and nothing new can surprise you? But you have not seen the "house up your feet" yet. This atypical building is located between Liptovský Trnovec and Liptovský Mikuláš near the Aquapark Tatralandia. You can see this attraction daily from 9.00 to 20.00.

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Routes for Liptov chees

Real chalets is nowhere near. The aggressive protection policy has almost extinct them. Today, fortunately, people have understood the importance of mountain farming and sheep breeding in remote areas of protected areas and finally come to the fact that such breeding is helping to protect nature. So let me bring you some original chalets, where cheese and cheese is really made of sheep's milk. Production takes place in old traditional ways and with absolute emphasis on hygiene. And when someone's survival from the chinchilla pumpkin is just for the benefit. It is said that whoever does not survive, has a healthy digestive tract. And who he was, just because he had some ailments there, and the chinchilla drove them away. When visiting the chateaus, it is important to note the hard work from 3am to 9pm. Maybe people will seem inaccessible to you, but the opposite is true. They are the superiors, a little shy and especially going to work. They are usually in the morning 9 and in the evening between 16 and 17 hours. Then always have to wait for the guys to get a robot and then to serve you. And one more help. Places of greenery vary a little every year, but you can be sure that it's only a few meters from the map layout. Sometimes hidden in the valley, sometimes behind the woods. So the mountains are for discovering the true sheep's cheese on our four ways (yet) that can be walked on but also on bicycles and for those more comfortable we have two car trips. sometimes behind the woods. So the mountains are for discovering the true sheep's cheese on our four ways (yet) that can be walked on but also on bicycles and for those more comfortable we have two car trips. sometimes behind the woods. So the mountains are for discovering the true sheep's cheese on our four ways (yet) that can be walked on but also on bicycles and for those more comfortable we have two car trips.

Who does not want to eat, the sheep's milk product must eat every day


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