Interesting places in Liptov

Visit the Hotel of Satisfied Cows in the Východná

We do not find this "accommodation" on our portal. But his visit is definitely recommended. At the Far Eastern farm, they opted for organic farming and opened their doors to all visitors.

Rock Fist

This unusual 6-meter tall rock formation looks proudly at the Muni Hill, near Ruzomberok, in Lisková. Among the locals is also known as Jánošík's Fist or Čertova Kiahnica. The existence of this protected natural monument is also associated with several stories. One of them is the legend of Liptovsky hero Jánošík, who at this point gave a good guess to Baron Révay, who was widely known as the merciless tormorant of the poor people. In honor of this noble act, Jánošík's party drew its scabs into this rock with a picture of clenched fist as a symbol of power and infinite courage.