Liptovské Revúce on the border between Veľká Fatra and Low Tatras

The southernmost village of Liptov Liptovské Revúce is located about 20 km from Ružomberok. Surrounded by the massifs of the Great Fatra, with local dominant Black Stone and Low Tatras. The River Revúca, flowing through the village, forms the boundary between the territories of these national parks. The revolutions are therefore an ideal starting point for many hiking and biking trails, leading phenomenal and untouched nature that is definitely worth a try. It does not matter where you go to the world, there are always many tourists and you will not be crumpled by an exclusive tourist experience. Liptovské Revúce can not only admire their long history when the first written comment is in 1233, but also because the "best halušky in the world" vary here, as there is an annual competition in their cooking and eating.

Borišov direction

One of the frequent tourist destinations from the Liptovské Revúce is Borišov (1510 m asl). It is a hill in the central part of Velka Fatra, at the foot of which is popular for tourists Chata pod Borišovom, where you can strengthen not only drinks but also hot meals. In addition to the well-known summer run from the cottage, the end-of-life excursion from Liptovské Revúce to Borišov is traditionally attended by some 60 participants. The road to Borišov leads alongside the Black Stone through Ploska (1532 m asl), which lies east of Borisov. Since 1974, on the occasion of the SNP, there has been an annual trip to Ploska, always on the last Saturday of August. On our way to Borisov there is a chalet in Vyšné Magury. During the summer season, you can see what life looks like on the Liptov chalet and try the original raw products.

The Fairy Bird Garden

In the picturesque Revúcka Valley, beneath the rocky altar of Black Stone, in the garden of the parental house, Miroslav Sanig created "The Fairy Bird Garden", or in other words "The Paradise of Birds". In modern ecological terminology it is "Eco-garden". "Birds of Paradise" consists of sixty large self-propelled feeders, 150 bird sleeping and nesting nets, as well as sixty billiards on which birds are drawn or dug. The "Fairy Bird Garden" provides full service for the entire year - full board and accommodation in the most luxurious boxes. The crowd of birds in the "Bird of Paradise" spends an incredible 1000 kilograms of sunflower a year of the highest possible gastronomic quality and hotelier level. It is the most sought-after "Birding Hotel" with the most luxurious apartments and the world's finest bird menu. Without exaggeration, it is possible to say that in the "Fairy Bird Gardens" the highest density of bird feeds and boxes per bar throughout the world. You can visit this paradise for free. Enthusiasm is just love for nature - it is enough

SKIFUN Liptovské Revúce

The ski resort, which was popular in the past for a good skiing at a good price, is suitable not only for beginners but also for discerning skiers. If you also belong to the fans of this ski resort, we will not be very happy, because the skiing season 2016/2017 is closed. Nevertheless, you do not have to go to Liptovské Revúce! For the non-functioning ski resort, there is much room for cross-country skiing, but especially for skiing in a quiet and beautiful countryside.

Tourist and recreational complex Gothal

Where to choose for good hiking? Of course, relax. Close to Liptovské Revúce on the border between Veľká Fatra and Low Tatras in a beautiful mountain environment, the tourist resort Gothal is located in Liptovská Osada. This is a new project that is not yet known to the general public. This multifunctional area is a water world with a relaxing, small children's and a 25-meter long swimming pool. Another part is wellnes, where you can find a Finnish or steam sauna, as well as a sanarium with a cooling pool. The resort also features a fully functional fitness center where you can also find a climbing wall or a golf simulator. If you are not such a proficient athlete and you do not want to sit at home, you will also find billiards, table football or bowling. you're afraid to stay hungry after having spent so much energy on a variety of activities, do not worry, there's a possibility of eating at the Vlnka Restaurant, which offers a solid menu.