As Liptov region is abundantly rich in natural beauty, gorgeous and varied horrors, jewels of unspoilt nature and historical monuments, we have decided to make a chapter on tourism. In this part we will briefly deal with several areas of tourism, mainly walking, cyclingwater tourism and ski tourism. Under tourism we also included paragliding, climbing, hunting and fishing. We recommend to all categories of tourists the world-famous caves, thermal swimming pools, cultural monuments and we also invite you to visit museum expositions

Liptovské Revúce

The southernmost village of Liptov Liptovské Revúce is located about 20 km from Ružomberok. Surrounded by the massifs of the Great Fatra, with local dominant Black Stone and Low Tatras. The River Revúca, flowing through the village, forms the boundary between the territories of these national parks. The revolutions are therefore an ideal starting point for many hiking and biking trails, leading phenomenal and untouched nature that is definitely worth a try. It does not matter where you go to the world, there are always many tourists and you will not be crumpled by an exclusive tourist experience. Liptovské Revúce can not only admire their long history when the first written comment is in 1233, but also because the "best halušky in the world" vary here, as there is an annual competition in their cooking and eating.

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Svätojánska lookout

From 2013, you can visit another interesting building in the town of Liptovský Ján, such as the Svätoján lookout tower. It turns off in Stran nad cemetery under the hill Kameničná. Its height is 10,475 m and after it you will get a breathtaking view of the whole village Liptovský Ján. You can reach the lookout point along the modified sidewalk directly from the village, from Pod Stráňou street or from the area of ​​the natural crater "Kaďa". 

In addition to the above-mentioned places, a Miniature Park can also be visited in Liptovský Ján, which consists of 13 smaller copies of well-known Slovak buildings. You can see, for example, the Bojnice Castle, the Strečno Castle or the old town hall in Levoča. Liptovský Ján also has a summer thermal swimming pool with a children's, swimming and relaxation pool.



Liptov offers a wide range of walking tours thanks to its convenient location and many natural beauties. Visitors can choose from a wide range of diverse hiking trails. Liptov surrounds the largest mountains in Slovakia: the High Tatras, the Western Tatras and the Choc Mountains in the North, the Low Tatras in the South, the Great Fatraon the west and the Poprad basin in the east. Field orientation facilitates marked paths. The most important long distance routes are marked in red. The blue, green and yellow colors are marked by pavements of local significance. All marked tourist paths come from towns, villages or tourist resorts. Further orientation in the field allows for orientation boards, directions and maps. Tourist maps can be purchased at the Information Centers. You will bring unrepeatable experiences from the exits to the famous sight-seeing landmarks Liptov Dumbier, Bystrá, Veľký Choč, Baranec, Jakubina, Salatín or Poludnica. You can go on beautiful ridge tours in the Low Tatras, Veľká Fatra. Trains from the Prosiecka, Kvačianska and Demanovska valleys are also attractive. The Mountain Rescue Service is responsible for mountain safety.