Playground for kids FunVille Hozelec

The best indoor playground in Slovakia, finally an active fun for our children.

FunVille is a magical world for children full of fun and movement under the Tatra Mountains. There are a lot of attractions for 700 m2: climbing walls, sports playgrounds, playgrounds, air guns, ball fountains, megaporelizačka, trampoline, Lego area, Toddler area for children under 3 years. Parents await a pleasant seating at the café and a cake, free WiFi. 
The children's playground is designed for children aged 1-12. 
Of course there are birthday parties and interesting events for children ..

Visiting FunVille in the village of Hozelec can be very dangerous. Your children will not want to leave and you can be sure that this highly addictive playground will be so popular that they will be planning another coming. Check yourself and take a wide smile on your lips with a visit.

On the premises of the agricultural cooperative in Hozelka, the place is as if taken from the context. No one would have expected that a paradise for children could grow in a former cane and also a nice place for adults. A sports field, a playground, a lego area, climbing walls, trampolines, a ball fountain, air guns, megaprelizačka, slide and slides are prepared for all kinds of entertainment.

You have a constant watch over the offspring playing with your peers from a place reserved for replenishment. There is internet access and a selection of interesting beverages and desserts. Again, please note that you will not stay with one small coffee. The happiness of your smallest children will not be interrupted. The only option is to make a comeback and visit this town full of fun again.

Address: Popradská 214, 059 11 Hozelec 
Phone: 0948 320 301