Mountain and hiking

Tatranská Lomnica

It is the most eastern and beautiful tourist center of the High Tatras. It is located 6.7 km east of Starý Smokovec at the foot of the Lomnický štít. With its parks, it creates an unusual and pleasant environment. Come with us to the most popular tourist place on the Rocky Pleso. At 1,551 meters, specialties from domestic and international cuisine await you, but especially the surrounding backyards as well as for walks or hikes. The chairlift in Lomnicko sed (2,190m) will take you to a great view of the Little and Big Studen valley and the Tatra shields. It was here that the cult movie The Mede tower (1970) was filmed. The rocky pond is an ideal place for families with children. The funny-fun walk of the Tatra Wildlife with the Swan Countryside makes your children a favorite.

In the vicinity of Tatranská Lomnica there are three cross-country ski runs with different stages for professional or amateur runners. You will discover the beauty of Tatar nature in the year-round exposition of the Botanical Garden near the TANAP Museum. Shopoholici will come to yours and to this resort. High-quality sportswear or complete equipment for all types of mountain sports can be found in the Tatry Motion operations in the cabin lift building at the valley station. After strenuous hike or weather, you can spend pleasant moments at Grandhotel Praha, where you will be delighted by the new Grand Mountain Spa with outdoor pool. If you still have energy after a full day program and want to spend the nightlife, we invite you to Humna - Tatra, the only Tatra music club where it still lives.

Skalnaté lake

The rocky pleso is one of the nodes of Tatranská magistrála, after which it is only a jump to the huncový slope into the valley of the Green Ball. Walking towards Hrebienok you will get to Skalnate's cottage.

The rocky breeze of the night shines brightly and shows unusual constellations. If you come to Tatier with your children, you will certainly enjoy the Swan Country. Drive with them and recognize nature in the fifth level of protection in a playful form. Come to the "Tatra Wildlife" and enjoy great trips with a fun-educational program. Tatian stories and exams are waiting for you to discover the most beautiful and exciting places in Tatier. Join the game with the kids, find a magic map, the Philosopher's Stone and guess the constellation.

Lomnický peak

Take the cable car to the top of the Lomnický štít and enjoy the breathtaking view with full breath. From the station in Tatranska Lomnica to the Lomnický Shield, overcome the height difference of 1 700 meters! With your head in the clouds you'll be a few minutes at an incredible 2,632 meters above sea level. If you want the weather from the top of the Lomnický štít you will reach the 350 km of the Austrian Alps! Lunch on Lomnicki shield? Why not! In the stylish Café Dedo you can enjoy a coffee or Italian cuisine on the terrace. The proximity of the stars in the romantic Lomnický štít can be enjoyed in his apartment and with breakfast at Skalnatom plese.

Štrbské tarn

Holiday in the High Tatras - Štrbské Pleso is one of the unforgettable experiences. Take the cable car to Solisko and enjoy fresh Italian specialties directly on the outdoor terrace BIVAC RESTAURANT (1,840 m) where you can enjoy panoramic views of the valley, the romantic Strbske Pleso, Krivan and Low Tatras. Biker enthusiasts can rent a mountain bike in Tatry Motion - a sports shop under the diving bridges with the possibility of returning to Starý Smokovec or Tatranská Lomnica. You can easily reach the Popradske pleso by mountain trails so you can take you to Silesian House, Smokovec to Hrebienok or Slope to Poprad.

Training walks are another alternative to spending a pleasant stay in the Tatras. From Strbske Pleso you can reach the pavement through Trigana's back to Popradské pleso. After fourteen stops you will learn the details that the forest is not only trees, but also animals and plants.

Snorkeling on the Strbské tarn

The Lake Strbske pleso has a magical atmosphere in summer. As the only lake available from all the Tatra Mountains, you can swim across it and relax in the boats overlooking the Tatras. Clown has more than 130 years of tradition. The lake has an incredible atmosphere that you definitely have to experience. There are 18 wooden stylish strollers and 1 sports pitcher, which are located in a newly built mall with a beautiful view of the Tatra Mountains. An extraordinary experience can also be the possibility of using the services of a private oar.

Starý Smokovec

The High Tatras - Starý Smokovec is the key center and the most significant part of the High Tatras. It is an ideal place for families with children and tourists starting their hrebienku tours. Join the funicular from Starý Smokovec to Hrebienok and enjoy the feeling that the English Queen Elizabeth II had. Exit yourself in an environment where there is no worry and where only beautiful nature and mountain air are waiting for you. From Hrebienok you can reach the Tatranská magistrála on the Rocks Ball or you can start one of the high mountain tours on the Bílikov, Rainer, Zamkovsky and Téry huts.


Hrebienok (1,285m) - for the attractive destination of visitors to the High Tatras. The cable car journey takes 7-8 minutes and exceeds a 246-meter elevation. The surroundings of Hrebienok are popular tourist destinations in the Mala and Veľká Studená valley and Slavkovský štít. Do you want to climb up to the top of the mountains? But you just want to see the beauty of the surrounding nature? Rent a bike and head out to cycling paths. A varied network of Tatra Cyclists will satisfy even demanding fans. Want to enjoy adrenaline from a wild ride on a rubber bike? Do not hesitate, come to Hrebienok and start a hundred meters long toboggan run. The specially modified downhill at Bike Park has three modified routes from Hrebienok to Stary Smokovec, and they can also manage families with children.

Hrebienok is the ideal choice in the summer, because here you will experience the unique Medvedie dni - Tatran bear medal festival with lots of competitions for children and you will see the most bears per year. Funny-fun program for children The Tatra Wilderness has its location in Starý Smokovec. Great fun at the High Tatras - Stary Smokovec can be enjoyed on the tube or in the Stary Smokovec Bike Park. You will experience adrenaline if you run from Hrebienok on mountain scooters to Old Smokovec.

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