How to experience the view from the unique side and without many steps

Unique rock with a view that enchants everyone ... Without ropes, in an hour, even with smaller children ... Rocks and beaches are usually a challenge for climbers. Ceren's Rock is an exception. It is also easily available to non-sponsors, even when you get out of it, you can not even turn your head. So, assuming you keep a reasonable distance from the sharp edge, take it.

Čerenova scale

Čerenová is not a very significant hill in Chočské vrchy. Fascinated between prominent hills like Prosečné, Pravnáč or Choč, there is nothing interesting at first sight from the motorway, train or Tatralandia. However, from the hard competition it differs from the Liptov "hills" to the rock of Čeren's rock. The rock, reminiscent of the rock fence, creates a table rock. It means that at its peak there is a distinctive platform with amazing view. 

Our climb

We are proud of the inhabitants of Liptov, we are still many on Cerenova rock. Most tourists prefer the higher hills and we are no exception. Sometimes it happens to everyone that there is little time for tourism, which was our case. Since it was a nice day, we decided to take this time to the full. This time, the choice finally came to this rock. We have been attracted by the positive references of tourists to their visit for a long time or their nice shots. Even though we knew what we were going to, what we saw at the top was almost breathtaking ... but let's have a nice party.

To start our trip we move by car. We are coming from Liptovsky Mikulas by way of the northern side of Liptovská Mary. Gradually we are talking about Tatralandia, Liptovský Trnovec and Liptovská Sielnica. We turn right to Sielnica to the right and we find ourselves in the inconspicuous village of Ižipovce. Rock is a clear dominant feature over the village and makes it easy for us to navigate. We do not have a lot of time and, moreover, the bitter weather at the turn of April, and May may take us quickly. That's why we go to the highest possible. Above the village, alongside the new houses, we will take out the old asphalt, which is lost in a thick thicket. The bigger car would have gone just that way ... if it could not, then under the rock you can also get from the village of Liptovská Anna.

We leave the car at the highest point of the road and look for the path leading into the forest. There are a lot of them, but they all end up on the weigh-in, which should be picked up a little while down to the marked turn to the rock. The route is marked with a red mark, but it is not in every map. A bit unusual, but it does not matter ... the route is not demanding. The hill is gradually picking up on the slope and where the skirting contours begin to be drawn between the trees. It's clear from the bottom of the picture that it's a big one and it's really majestic. We skew through the left side, and we're up one by one. We are not yet at the top of the hill, but as the pavement breaks to the right and opens a perfect view from east to west. At the edge of the twin crossing, it is clear that we are upstairs. 

On the rocky plateau covered by grass there is a mass of flat rock. They are ideal for comfortable seating and enjoying the surrounding splendor. The part closer to the double curve provides a great view of nearby Pravnáč, Liptovský hrad, Choč, Veľká Fatra and the ridge of the Low Tatras. Scenery spoils the chimney in Ružomberok. 

Our attention is soon caught by an inconspicuous box on a tree in the middle of the platform. We find the top book in it. We take it to the eastern part of the gate. In an unusual view of Prosečné and Západné Tatry, we are thinking about what we write about it. With an occasional view of the villages below us, we literally gain insight into the matter, so we have the inspiration for writing.

Getting down without the camera's full memory would be a mistake, so we're getting it right. Possible shots are not really an emergency. The way down will go really fast and we'll take the direction of your home. We recommend this short tour with a beautiful view.


The car can be parked on the road connecting Liptovská Anna with Ižipovcami or one of the mentioned villages. The car crash on the rocks is 300 meters at a distance of 1.5 kilometers. We went up the brisk walk in less than half an hour. For a family trip with smaller children, the hourly limit seems to be manageable. The same applies to less well-trained nature lovers.