Ľahká turistika

From the highest situated Slovak castle directly to the thermal lake 

The location of the Liptov Castle on the hill called Sestrč is not accidental. The view from this hill in the Chočské Hills allowed to guard an important business trip from the south, via Liptov, continuing on Orava to Poland. You can enjoy this view, even in connection with free mineral springs. 

Lookout above the Veľké Borové, which guarantees you the charm

Veľká Borová is the number of permanent inhabitants the smallest village in Liptov. According to past scrutiny, they are only 52. ​​This is largely a position. Dedinka is cut off from the surrounding world on the border between Orava and Liptov. It is still alive in the village. It is popular with tourists and cyclists, who are mainly in Kvačianska or Prosiekská dolina. However, we looked at the opposite side today. The meadows surrounding the village belong to a larger complex called the Svorad karst plateau. Planina provides beautiful views of the surrounding landscape from Roháčov through the Chočské vrchy to Malá Fatra.

Čerenova scale

Unique rock with a view that enchants everyone ... Without ropes, in an hour, even with smaller children ... Rocks and beaches are usually a challenge for climbers. Ceren's Rock is an exception. It is also easily available to non-sponsors, even when you get out of it, you can not even turn your head. So, assuming you keep a reasonable distance from the sharp edge, take it.

Walking for families with small children available with a stroller, very easy cycling routes

  1. Bobrovec- salaš – Bobrovecká vápenica – Polovníkov vodopád
  2. Liptovské Matiášovce - Suchá dolinka
  3. Ústie Žiarskej doliny- Chata pod Barancom- Salaš Žiar
  4. Liptovský Ján- Jánska dolina- Stanišovská jaskyňa
  5. Podbánske – Tichá dolina horáreň- Liptovský košiar

Light hikes

  1. Demänovská jaskyňa slobody – Krčahovo partizánske bunkre-  Jasná– Vrbické Pleso.
  2. Žiar – Salaš Žiar – Žiarska dolina, ústie – Žiarska chata – Cintorín – Šarafínový vodopád a späť
  3. Záhradky – Konský grúň(lanovkou) – Kamenná chata – Chopok
  4. Vrbické pleso- Tri vody- Brhliská- Luková- Jasná
  5. Podbánske- Tichá horáreň- Pod Grúnikom- Kmeťov vodopád