On skates to Poland

The ridge of the Western Tatras forms the border between the region of Liptov and Poland. The transition from the Slovak to the Polish side requires a considerable amount of height meters. For high-mountain tourists, this is not a more serious problem. How to cross the border with the Polish bicycle or the skates?

Several years ago, a genius idea was realized, which meant the use of the route of the former single-rail railway for the construction of a cyclo-bridge linking border towns Trstená and Nowa Targ. The project was called a little bitter: "Historic-cultural-natural way around Tatier". 

The Slovak part, leading meadows and forests, is more in our opinion. On the Polish side, we find better asphalt, but we often cross the roads and therefore we have to pay attention to traffic. Crossing signs are located too late, so be careful. Most refreshments are not available on most routes, but after arriving on the Polish side, we can add the energy deficit to nearby villages or to the famous markets in Targu. 


36 km long cycle path along the route of the former railroad. 
Trstená (the main junction on Jablonec and Liesek) - border SK / PL - Czarny Dunajec - Nowy Targ


Slightly challenging, but long route. The highest point reaches the state border. The elevation from Trstena and also from Nowe Targ to the national border reaches about 200 meters.


  • route of good quality (on the Polish side the quality of the asphalt is even better), 
  • beautiful scenery with a steady view of the Tatras, 
  • number of rests with instruction boards,
  • railway bridges and embankments run by a cyclist,
  • fewer people than city cycle boats,
  • the cross route over Liesek, 
  • wind turbines and spring in Chocholow,
  • market in Nowa Targ.

Tip: We can bring trains from Liptov to Trstená. The set with two wagons called "Oravka" will take you in less than 2 hours from Kraľovian to Trstená with a bicycle. 
You can find the entire route on the map on this link.