How to go to a summer cycle without water

First look at health threatening the idea. Not on Liptov. In this article we will introduce you a 17 km circuit, where you can quench up to four times the thirst with fresh mineral water. The circuit leads to the Low Tatras below Poludnica and Janske Valley. The conclusion of the route is, in turn, copying the flow of the longest Slovak river Váh. With a bicycle we do not take more than 3 hours with short stops. It is advisable to go on a mountain bike. We can start at any place on the route. We started our route at the bridge over Váh under Závažná Poruba


Medokýš in Závažna Poruba

At the end of the village on the left side of the road, we certainly will not miss a wooden shelter and a metal pipe - a spring called "Medokos". It tastes like pure spring water, which means it is poorly mineralized. 
We continue from Poruba after the rising asphalt to the abandoned hotel. Here we go on a steeper forest path and follow the red bike trail. The next downhill will take us to Jánská dolina. We certainly do not miss the gate of the summer swimming pool at Hotel Maj. We can take a turn into the valley and visit Stanišovská Cave, the Park of the Minuts of Slovakia, or the Strachanovka koliba.

Kaďa in Liptovský Ján

The bicycle trail leads us to "Kadi". It is a natural crater in which the water reaches a temperature of 16-23 ° C year round. Next to the crater is an artificially excavated pond, which is supplied with three separate strands. In the craters and in the pond you can take a dip free of charge. Its depth is about 1 meter. The crater reaches a depth of about 1.5 m, and you can feel comfortable "needles" on the body for longer periods of time. Next to the lakes there is a pre-transformation - Liptovský Janko, which will provide you with refreshing water with a noticeable odorous smell. You can also refresh yourself in the nearby cafe. 

Kyselka at Borová Sihoť

From Liptovský Ján, we continue below the mountain, crossing the old slopes, towards the east. At the end of the slopes, we start to descend and we find ourselves on the shore of the Váh, where the construction of the hydropower plant takes us. After a couple of meters we reach the spring of refreshing acid. It is slightly more cold than other sources and its taste is also different. Iron deposits are evident in the effluent, which reveals its suitability especially for various anemia due to lack of iron in the body. However, cyclotour refresher is suitable for everyone. 
To get to the other side of Vah we need to go about a kilometer to the east, where the swing bridge is located. Its transition will be an experience especially for your kids. Behind the bridge there is an autocamp where we can eat cheaply 

Žabiarik in Uhorská Ves

We will reach the source through the village of Podtureň. The circular shelter in which it is located will be seen from a greater distance. It is located on the right bank of the Váh. Unlike other sources, we need to pump water out of the surface by pumping ourselves. The water is calcium-like, suitable for bones or teeth. 
To complete the circuit, we still need to continue along the Vah River. It is better to go to the left side of the marked cycle path. On the right side it is necessary to skip several streams flowing from the north