Cycling tourism

For cyclists there are optimal conditions for Liptov, because through Liptov there is a dial line from Ivachnova to Važec, so the other roads are from a lower traffic density than created for this kind of sport. The popular routes are around Liptovská Mary, through Čiernavská valley and Demanovska Valley, and many tourists combine hiking with a bicycle trip. Especially in recent times, the advice of mountain bikers has grown..

Baywatch and Poľovníkov waterfall

These unusual refreshments can be found under the Bobrovec valley. Take advantage of the last warm days of this summer and pay to them. Bejvoč is in fact an unused tank for irrigation of surrounding fields. The depth of the tank is 2 meters in diameter and its dimensions are approximately 70 x 150 meters. The remains of the former engine room can be seen in the building on the edge of the tank, which now serves as a pretzel. 

By bicycle through the valley of the Black Váh along the route of the former railroad

Dolina Čierneho Váhu a prilahlé doliny a dolinky boli do roku 1976 popretkávané viac než 100 kilometrami úzkorozchodnej Považskej lesnej železničky slúžiacej na prepravu dreva a lesných robotníkov. Dnes malá časť jej trasy slúži cyklistom.

How to go to a summer cycle without water

First look at health threatening the idea. Not on Liptov. In this article we will introduce you a 17 km circuit, where you can quench up to four times the thirst with fresh mineral water. The circuit leads to the Low Tatras below Poludnica and Janske Valley. The conclusion of the route is, in turn, copying the flow of the longest Slovak river Váh. With a bicycle we do not take more than 3 hours with short stops. It is advisable to go on a mountain bike. We can start at any place on the route. We started our route at the bridge over Váh under Závažná Poruba.

On skates to Poland

Unique rock with a view that enchants everyone ... Without ropes, in an hour, even with smaller children ... Rocks and beaches are usually a challenge for climbers. Ceren's Rock is an exception. It is also easily available to non-sponsors, even when you get out of it, you can not even turn your head. So, assuming you keep a reasonable distance from the sharp edge, take it.

Cycling map Interactive map

An interactive map can be found at http://malovanemapy.sk/mapa/cyklo-liptov.html.