An undemanding skialpinist classic on Liptov and Horehronie

The Chopok Ridge on Dumbier is a favorite place for lovers of less demanding tourism with nice views. The Chopok cable cars make this route accessible to a wide range of people. Passing this route in winter requires a bit more experience, but it is still a tour of the less advanced skier. 



  • Chopok (the end of Funitel cableway) - we descend along the trail of the sign (summer red mark) east through Konské (the steepest part of the descent) to the Demänovský saddle. Here we will tie the belts and cross the Krúp's saddle to the Dumbier ridge. 


  • From Dumbier we can go down without the need of walking. First we traverse the exit route. From the Demänovský sedlo, we turn to a wide channel and according to the conditions either we go down to Trangoska or cross the Kosodrevinu (possible return to Chopok by cableway or downhill).
    The second option is a crossing through the Chief of General MR Štefánika's Chateau in Trangoska. 


The exit route has a length of 4 km and an elevation of 300 meters. Under ideal conditions, the beginner can be treated in one direction within two hours. The difficulty of the route is rapidly rising with degraded conditions.


  • cableways to Chopok from the north (Záhradky, White Púť) or south (Srdiečko, Krúpová),
    after marked skiing routes in the Jasná resort. WARNING ! an elevation of + - 1000 meters will greatly increase the difficulty of a ski tour.


  • very good access points,
  • possibility to get off the cable car to the ridge,
  • ridge route with beautiful views,
  • 2 highest mountain peaks in one day, 
  • a tour in the area to which the beginnings of skiing in Slovakia,
  • the route of good conditions is also suitable for less experienced, 
  • very low avalanche danger on the route. 

What to watch out for 

Please note that this is an open mountain landscape. In addition, the ridge is often attacked by a strong wind and blown up to an ice sheet, which makes it untenable. However, the route is marked by a bar marking in the case of impaired visibility and does not in itself pose an increased risk. On the route there are few steep places where avalanches would be threatened, but always see the current forecast (Information Cocktail is located). Anyway, you should not miss an avalanche search engine, shovel, and probe.

Be careful to turn off the route! This can result in a fall into the steep north gutters, or the release of inflated snowfalls with fatal consequences. 

Enjoy the mountains, but take care of your own safety! The mountains will be here tomorrow, the month or the next year ... If you try to reach the peak in suitable conditions, you will enjoy the trip more.  

Tip at the end

If you do not have your own equipment, you can borrow at the Skialp School Jasná na White Púti. In addition to the rent, you can also use the services of experienced instructors.