Tatralandia Holiday Resort

The complex of Tatralandia Holiday offers attractions AquaparkWellness centerCeltic Sauna World, as well as restaurants and bars. The resort is also able to accommodate - everybody comes to their own.


In the water park you will find various types of swimming pools, water slides, tropical paradise, Caribbean pirate island, baby silente zone, funpark, summer city and much more...


Aquapark Tatralandia offers 14 pools ( 10 of them year-round ) with salt, thermal and clear water and temperatures up to 40 ° C. Both children and adults enjoy entertainment and relaxation in every season. The water in Tatralandia , thanks to its composition, has a beneficial effect on the movement and respiratory system . In Tropical Paradise seawater pools, you can also enjoy the healing effects of thallasso therapy in Liptov all year round(morphology). Salt dissolved in water actively affects the state of the central nervous system, improves blood circulation, causes no allergic reactions, improves skin condition, helps fight cellulite and overweight, normalizes sleep, reduces fatigue, has relaxation and disinfecting effects.

 Water slides

Take advantage of Tatralandia to the maximum. Enjoy over 2 kilometers of slopes and 26 different ways to experience adrenaline. There are 26 toboggans and slides - 20 of which are summer and 6 in operation throughout the year. If you want to ride a good ride, certainly do not forget to try our best -   Tornado - the longest rafting water slide in Europe,  Boomerang Raft Ram p - the largest rafting ramp in Slovakia and Poland, Free Fall - the steepest toboggan in Slovakia. Take advantage of Photopoint and take your adrenaline ride on Tornado and Boomerang Raft Ramp.

Tropical Paradise New tropical paradise on Liptov

A wooden sailboat that rushed to the rock. When it true corals, shells and brightly colored fish . On the land of tall palm trees , in their shade relax on comfortable loungers... Have you even constrained to change the atmosphere of everyday days for the warmth of the heated beach? Nothing is impossible, it is enough and you are in a tropical paradise. Even the Tropical Paradise entrance hall is a sign of the tropical world. You will walk through replicas of typical old buildings from Africa and the colonial world, emerging from the jungle. The walkway leads to the wreck of the ship, which has collapsed on the cliff.

Pirates Island of the Caribbean

You can enjoy your Caribbean dream in Tatralandia for the whole year. The indoor tropical complex was opened in 2007. Translucent roof with light effects at night or in winter brings the seaside comfort and sunshine.

The pirate ship under the command of Captain Barboss is divided into two parts: the bottom - aquamarine with swimming pools and the top - sun part of the "Palm Beach". There are pools for small and large pools at the bottom! Adults can enjoy the tranquility of a large tropical Ocean pool  with water massages, beds, scrubs, underwater massage, and swimsuit with countercurrent with colorful underwater lighting. The water temperature reaches 32°C.


Baby Silent Zone

A quiet, intimate zone for children from 0 to 3 years old is located on the upper terrace of the Tropical Paradise. The smallest visitors will find space for feeding, hygiene and rest during a day full of fun. There is a baby bottle heater and microwave for baby food, a refrigerator, a baby feeding chair, a changing table with wet and dry napkins, a children's playroom with toys, and a sunbathing or breastfeeding tulip, the entire area is separated by a screen for more privacy.


Tatralandia is a place where the stars shine through the day. You will find them on the pavement of glory, which is posed by the names of both home and foreign celebrities. It is from the world of water pleasures and relaxation that you get to the gates of entertainment, Funpark. We recommend visiting and experiencing pleasures that you will not forget so quickly. Safari train - ride a ride that can be reached directly between wild beasts, zebras or adrenaline Gold Splash. Visitors to the Aquapark are free of charge.


Summer City is in operation during the summer season from 12.7. to 15.9. Not only children but adults can come to it and find plenty of attractions such as Bubble City - the inflatable world, Babyland, Profi Jump, water football, volleyball, beach volleyball, football or table tennis, entertainment giant chess and Russian skittles.

Wellnes Center

Discover the charm of relaxation and enjoy our varied offer of massages, baths, wraps and other relaxing and curative treatments. In this amazing world, you draw new energy and enjoy your full breath. Find a little time you spend only on yourself.

Also try the power of relaxation in the new ETANI Wellness Point right in the Tropical Paradise of Tatralandia. Do not waste time and enjoy all your free moments.


We offer you health for your body and soul:

  • masáže
  • kúpele
  • zábaly
  • pleťové masky
  • elektroliečba
  • ostatné

Try also special offer of wellness packages:

  • Chocolate Packet
  • Wonderfull Skin
  • Anticellulite Packet
  • Slim Body
  • Beauty Woman
  • Sporty Man
  • Exotic Packet
  • Exotic Packet Exclussiv

Stay in touch with the health and harmony of the body and soul in the Wellness Paradise on the 1st floor of the main building of Aquapark Tatralandia.

Celtic Sauna World

The Celtic Sauna World is a unique complex of 21 steam, water and massage baths, saunas and procedures. It can activate all human senses and thus regenerate and relax the whole body. Only the sauna world brings pleasure from water (hydrotherapy), aromatherapy, music (music therapy) and heat - all for the health and beauty.

The sauna world can be found on the ground floor of the Aquapark Tatralandia