Aquaparks and swimming pools


Tatralandia Holiday Resort

Tatralandia Holiday Resort is the largest year-round area of ​​water entertainment with accommodation in Slovakia, Czech republic and Poland. It is located in the region of Liptov - an area with many cultural monuments, a peculiar folk culture and folklore surrounded by the largest Slovakian mountains - Vysoké and Low Tatras, Veľká a Malá Fatra, Chočské Hills.

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Regenerate body and mind and forget about worries. This is also the sauna in Bešeňová. Pleasant revival is the daily saunas. It is prepared by their experienced saunaster by means of hot air swirl and the dissolution of ice with an aromatic component. From a depth of 2 km geothermal water with a temperature of 60.5-63.5 ° C. The first swimming pools, later the thermal swimming pool opened to the public in 1993 and 3 years later they built greenhouses.

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Liptovská Mara

The most important recreation center in the summer. Liptovská Mara is a reservoir on the river Váh with a capacity of 198 MW, built between 1969 and 1975. The height of 45 m is the second largest dump in the Slovakia. The dam with a buffer tank can hold 365 million m3, mostly in the Slovak Republic. The heel is 200 m wide and 1225 m long. The waters of the dam flooded 13 villages, Vrbie, Demcin, Sokolce, Liptovska Mara, Sestrc, Nizne and Vysne Dechtare, Liptovska Sielnica, Parizovce, Paludza, Raztoky, Cernice/. The smallest houses are transferred to the Pribylin skanzeme. These are the monuments: the Gothic-Renaissance chateau in Parizovce, the original Gothic churches in Liptovska Mara, Sielnica, log houses of precious folk architecture. An exception is the articular church of Paludz, which was transferred to the outskirts of Lazisko. 

Every year there are thousands of holidaymakers relaxing here. There are opportunities for swimming, surfing, yachting, windsurfing, boating, water bicycling, minigolf, fishing, cruise through the sightseeing boat of Liptov - 80 seats - all provided by autocamping Liptovský Trnovec on the northern shore of Liptovská Mary. In Trnovec there is a swimming pool, category "B" autocamping, 140 seats, buffet, kitchen, accommodation, sporting goods rental, minigolf, boat transport, yacht harbor, boat rental, water rescue service, scuba diving training center and grassy beach. From spring to autumn there are important sporting events with international participation.

Other holiday resorts on the northern bank of the dam: Bobrovník, Liptovská Sielnica. On the north side of the motorway there is the famous Dechtáre, which offers typical Liptov specialties. The resort is a well situated starting point for hiking trails to the Chočské Hills, the Western and Low Tatras.

Garden of Eden Thermal - Liptovský Ján

Village Liptovský Ján is located in the Low Tatras Mountains on the northern side of the Jánska Valley. On the travertine hills there is a hot springs of thermal and mineral springs. These include cold to very low thermal, very weak to strong carbon, nitrogen-poorly mineralized hydrogen sulphide water. The inhabitants of the village have been calling cold spring medokes and hot tepidos since ancient times. In the middle of the 19th century thermal springs created a small spa to treat rheumatic and female diseases. Jozef Szentivány Gemersky has built a bath tub, an indoor swimming pool. In his mansion he established the 1929-30 restaurant, the Grand Hotel Thermal and the baths were named Svätojanske Teplice. They were in a bathroom building (at that time a building of the Special School), where he could build the Štrand swimming pool. Thermal water was used by people not only from nearby but also from distant surroundings. Svatojanské baths were known before World War I. The war in Budapest and Germany, from where many tourists came, but also people looking for health. 

In 1963 a new spring was thrown at a depth of 95 ms at a temperature of 29.4 ° C. It was built by the spring house Rudolf and its water and water from other nearby boreholes were used to fill the swimming pools that are at the May recreation facility. Sources in the village are considered to be the largest source of mineral water in Slovakia (35 liters / second). It is a well-known and popular resort with thermal water pools. South of the village there is a summer thermal swimming pool and a covered swimming pool, a swimming pool 50 m, 2 children's pools, 1 swimming pool using the spring Rudolf with a water temperature of 28.2 ° C. Thermal water has proven curative effects, treats skin diseases, motion sickness, metabolism, female, nerve, heart and vessel diseases. 


From the village there are very good possibilities for touring the Krasova Jánská valley as well as the surrounding hills. In winter there are skiing opportunities. The village provides about 2500 beds in hotels, guesthouses, recreation facilities and private homes.

Aqua-Vital Park Baths Lúčky

Baths are located on the boundary between Orava and Liptov pod Chočské hills. Today it is the famous spa center of Slovakia. The first bathroom building was built by Adam Turjanský in 1761. In the 19th century, they became part of the Likava cameral estate. New building with a dining room and guest rooms was built by Wisner von Mongesten. In particular, gynecological diseases such as primary and secondary sterility, infertility, uterine development disorders, conditions after gynecological operations, complications following abortion, post-irradiation conditions etc. The decisive factor in complex spa treatment is the thermal mineral water of Valentina's spring spring at a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. Good results are achieved in particular by combining a peaceful and pleasant environment and the healing effects of a mineral spring. The spa provides multi-faceted cultural and sporting use of visitors: performances of popular figures, folklore ensembles, excursions to the surroundings, the possibility to play mini-golf and cinema is also available.

A delightful destination for unpretentious hiking tours is the Lúčan travertine, Lúčanský waterfall on the stream of Raztočné and the exit to Velký Choč. Nearby is the archaeological site of Zápolie, a classicist Roman Catholic church from r. 1824 and the spa house from 1943-1948.