The most beautiful Slovak shooting range is in Liptov

The height of Háj above Liptovský Mikuláš was more than 70 years ago as a shooting point during the 2nd World War fights. Today the shots are heard again. We were looking at why.

We can easily find the railway station according to the directional signs on the way to Háj. Upon arrival, we put things in a glazed cottage. We sign a couple of formalities and look at the showcase with weapons. Everything we see, we can test today. Colorful "tanieriky" are also unparalleled. These are the targets we will shoot at the shotgun. We learn that they are made of clay, which replaced the original asphalt. In addition, the ammunition we use will be steel shot instead of lead. This is the first eco shooting in Slovakia. 

Armed with a shotgun on our shoulder, we walk first to meet the Skeet discipline. Of the 7 positions that stand in the arc we choose the extreme ones where the towers stand. It is from them that they fly in an unexpected moment with a clay target - a pigeon to be hit in a defined zone. It is a discipline focused on the point of view and accuracy in which Slovakia has the Olympic medal thanks to Danka Bartek.

Safety over everything

Our shotguns have 2 rounds so we can not afford to shoot once. A surprise happens when we want to reload and collapse the barrel ... the empty cartridges are flying out and just next to the head. This is why the instructor accuses us of using glasses, hearing protectors, and safety when handling the rifle. We will also learn how to shoot, so that the rifle, the so-called " digs. After every series of shots we learn what we did or did not do well and go again. For this and next discipline, we have 25 rounds of standard. 

Another of the Olympic disciplines is Trap. We also have Olympic medals in it. This time, the pigeons will "fly out" ahead of us. Beginning with us, they are eye-catching and fly out in one direction ... so they can take their throw. As time passes from the instructors, we are struggling a few times. Maybe we would be more successful if the horizons did not disturb us with such beautiful mountain views :) 

We are looking for a shotgun with a higher range, and with the M4 US Army attack weapon, we move from light to static targets 100 meters away. Someone may nostalgically remember a soldier with AK-47, alias Kalashnikov. There is also a sniper rifle to shoot from 270 meters. 

We get closer to the targets. After looking at the interventions from a long distance, we take the gun in the hand and move to 10th in the center of the target. This way we can test 6 available pistol models. 


  • shooting without a gun passport,
  • testing the Olympic disciplines,
  • 5, with the adjustment of the difficulty for everyone,
  • ecological missiles and targets,
  • enjoyable and experienced shooting instructors,
  • comfortable background with refreshments,
  • beautiful surroundings with beautiful views,
  • proximity to the famous military monument.

Pricelist of shooting packages

entry The price region Membership card
ALL PIŠTOL & REVOLVER / 1 person: 
Included is the rental of 6 pistols (revolvers), instructor, rent of streets
68 € 63  € 58  €
ALL SNIPER / 1 person: 
Included is the COLT M4 CARBINE rental, cal.22LR + TIKKA T3x TAC A1, cal.308WIN + AK-47 cal. 7.62 x 39 mm instructor, rent a shooter and an ammunition magazine for each weapon (total 70 pieces) and a shoe gun for each weapon
68  € 63  € 58  €
ABSOLUT TOTAL / 1 person: 
Included is the rental of 6 pistols, gun, tactical rifle, AK-47, shotgun, instructor, shooter rental, ammunition tank from each weapon + skeet item, (25 shooting targets) + trap (25 shooting targets)
150 € 140  € 130  €
MEMBER CARD FOR 1 PERSON (valid for 12 months): 70  €    

The shooting range is open from 1 April to 31 October daily from 9 am to 6 pm, or by agreement. More information about the shooting can be found at www.strelnicaliptov.sk.

What next?

Háj - Nicovô is a place to visit every visitor to Liptovský Mikuláš. It is a favorite place for spending leisure time and the goal of many (cyclo) tourists. We reach the Haj by asphalt road from the wider city center. The path, which is lined with a tree alley, begins to rise at the railway junction. Especially in the autumn, the journey becomes a colorful experience. From the parking lot at the end of the road there is a beautiful view of the whole Liptov, the ridge of the Low Tatras, also the West Tatras, Krivan and Veľký Choč. We can also find a relaxing gazebo with information on the location. In the parking lot there is a memorial of cruel fighting for the liberation of the town in 1945. There are buried 1386 soldiers of the 1st Czechoslovak Army Corps. From Hája we can either go back to the town or continue along the green cycle path through the older asphalt towards Smrečany and the Žiarska valley.