Laser arena 

vodny slalomFor lovers of adrenaline there is the possibility of getting stuck in Liptov Lasers, where you can choose from two games -  Laser Tag  and Laser Maze. The essence of the Laser Tag game is to hit as many sensors as possible over the opponent's ride for as long as possible and to collect as many points as possible. However, it is also important to defend yourself and to skilfully avoid getting involved. Remember, he always wins the better. Adults and children from 8 years of age can participate in the game. The game is safe and painless, so do not worry about any injuries. The game can play at least 2 and up to 12 players at once. But here's the rule - the more players, the more fun.

vodny slalomLaser Maze  is a thrilling game where you play on professional safes. Within 2 minutes, you have to walk through the 6-meter-long corridor jammed with laser beams, select the safe and return to the starting point. The most important thing is not to touch the rays. But after 5 touches your mission ends with a failure.


Escape Room

You play on disobedient students locked in the teacher's office, where you can only get to solve a few puzzles and tasks from multiple subjects such as physics, chemistry, literature, music education, geography, and many others. You will be closed for one hour for a maximum of 5 people. Do not hesitate to come and test your knowledge from primary and secondary schools.


Laser Tag
Adult 6 €
Child, student, senior 5 €
Laser Maze
1 minute 1.50 €
5 minutes 6 €
Escape Room
Group of 2 people 29.90 €/hour
Group of 3 - 5 people 45 €/hour


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tel.: +421 948 108 755