Adrenalin Center

The Adrenaline Center strives to focus on a number of attractions at one place and offers the choice of a truly very wide range of sports activities. In addition to water sports, they also have activities on the ground, and there is no activity in the air.

Come and try rafting or hydrospeed in the wild, play your favorite paintball with friends, colleagues at our paintball court, jog in our paragliding school or try out a new and enjoyable fun for the whole ADVENTURE GOLF family.

You can also take a ride on the four-wheelers or take a sightseeing ride to the surrounding terrains to discover the beauty of the Liptov region. Your shooting skills will be checked at the shooting range for archery, airsoft or gunfire shooting.

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Adventure golf

Adventure golf is a new and enjoyable fun for the whole family as well as popular recreational and professional sports. Adventure Golf (AdG) means literally adventurous golf or adventure golf. It originated in North America and became the world's most popular recreational and professional sport, but especially family entertainment.

However, the size of the tracks is the only thing that Adventure has to do with a minigolf, because the way of play is completely different. Adventure golf courses include various inequalities, elevations, stones and sandy bunkers. Adventure golf is played on artificial golf grass, and players can or may have to go racing along the course of the game. Play with golf clubs designed for walking or minigolf hammers and golf ball.


Hook up with real professionals who are doing water sports for a little bit. Rafting in the Adrenaline Center Liptovsky Mikulas on an artificially built canal allows you to ride wild pairs even during the summer months, when most of the rivers have a dry bed. The length of the track is about 350 m. The center offers raft programs for groups, adrenaline enthusiasts as well as families with children.

Included in the price - dressing room, raft, instructor, complete equipment (we also have children's sizes), rafting from start to finish, shore salvage and slalom fee.

OPERATING TIME - Season starts 1.4. and ends 15.11. In July and August Adrenalín Centrum Liptovský Mikuláš is open daily from 10.00 to 18.00. Rafting is possible from 12.00 to 15.00 and after 17.00.

Larger groups are required to report in advance. Other months to order.

LIMITATIONS - Rafting can not be performed on the dates when the race takes place.

Adrenaline The center of Liptov is also the starting point for the springs of Váh, Čierny Váh, Orava, Dunajec, Hron.

Price: from 25 € / person


Paintball adrenaline sporting game full of tension in which not only physical condition and strength is important, but also the ability to think and decide quickly. Paintball is a game for everyone, and if you love movement, fun and adrenaline, do not hesitate to come and play PAINTBALL. 
Adrenaline Center Liptovsky Mikulas offers a paintball field with an area of ​​more than 1500 m² with 30 separate wooden obstacles. The paintball pitch is an ideal and popular place for all who like adrenaline and want to try out this attractive activity.
Paintball is not only fun, it's also training to develop teamwork in communications, tactics, and strategies. Thanks to its strong rules, the way the game teaches self-discipline, discipline and rationality, our paintball pitch has become a favorite place for corporate events or teambuilding.

Price: from 25 € / person

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Archery is an Olympic discipline that is gaining more and more popularity. It is suitable for all ages.

Adrenaline Center Liptov offers a shooting range, which includes also archery. There are also children's bows. You can just shoot a bow shooting or prepare a bow-tie competition where you can compare your archery experience with your friends, friends or colleagues.

Archery is a favorite addition to corporate events. It's not space-intensive and we can transport it anywhere in the whole of Slovakia.

Equipment: Reverse bows combine speed, efficiency and elegance. These bows are sometimes called "Olympic", because only this type of bow is used in the Olympics. Spikes made of high-quality materials that guarantee high precision with the right technique.


An air rifle is a gun firing ball or shaped ammunition with compressed air or other gas. The most widespread air weapons today include a classic air rifle.

Shooting from the air rifle is a sport discipline. Sport shooting from the air rifle is carried out with a long air gun, the disciplines are divided into the following categories:

  • The airgun in the stand
  • The airliner is lying
  • The airbrush in the kneecap

Try your shooting skills by shooting from airguns, we will prepare a shooting race for individuals or teams. We will organize shooting from airbags in our area or anywhere in Slovakia. The activity of the air rifle is conducted under the supervision of an experienced instructor.

Price: Airgun + 50 pieces of ammunition - 5 EUR / person


Airsoft is also a short name for an airsoft weapon. Have fun shooting from airsoft weapons, which are replicas of real weapons shooting plastic balls of 6 mm caliber, which we call BBC.

At the Adrenaline Center of Liptov, you have the opportunity to shoot at the airsoft shooter. Complete equipment is available: long airsoft guns, ammunition, drop targets and also experienced service staff.

We arrange a complete organization of corporate events and various events, where we prepare a shooting race where you can test your precision shooting on a target target or a classic paper target.

Price: Airsoft + 50 pcs shoe - 5 EUR / person


Hydrospeed is little known adrenaline activity. It's about riding wild rivers on special floats. Provides maximum water contact and unrepeatable experiences.

Adrenaline Center offers these experiences to you as well. Our instructors will teach you how to safely fight wild feathers and surf in waves. Hydrospeed as non-traditional entertainment will help to clarify your corporate actions.

Price: Hydrospeed - 25 Eur / person

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